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Federal Tax Withholding Table


If you want to know before you get your first pay check what should be the amount withheld for federal taxes, your payroll department has the federal withholding tax table for the number of exemptions you should claim. This information is contained in IRS publication 15 also known as Circular E. A bit of warning is warranted here. If you have trouble sleeping at night, this publication can be addictive.

IRS publication 15

If you are a diehard do-it-your-self person that wants to figure this out all on your own, I applaud your tenacity, but would point you to IRS publication 919 as your study guide.

IRS publication 919

As a way of double checking the correctness of the amount being withheld, you should calculate the amount that will be withheld for the entire year and compare that with what you will owe when you file your return. If you are in a settlement with the IRS and want to keep it, this is a must do item.