FACT 1 – Get an IRS professional on your side to represent you before the IRS. The IRS is notorious for treating taxpayers different according to the whims and prejudices of the employee at the Internal Revenue Service. I will make sure that you are treated according to IRS tax law, which puts me at an advantage that you don’t have. Secondly, once the IRS employee knows that they are untrained in their own laws, it puts me, Scott Allen E.A. in command of the IRS settlement process.

FACT 2 – IRS personnel are rewarded by two events—the number of cases they handle and the amount of money they collect. They are not there to inform you of different settlement options to resolve your IRS debt. I know all of the settlement options available to you and will evaluate the pros and cons of each settlement option before beginning negotiations with the IRS.

FACT 3 – Find an IRS resolution specialist who is familiar with the Appeals process. Many times the right settlement option will be denied initially by an IRS Agent or Revenue Officer because they have little latitude in making decisions on grey areas. However, if IRS law allows you to legitimately qualify for a settlement option, it may be necessary to take your case to the IRS Office of Appeals. I am qualified to provide you the expertise to represent your IRS problem before the IRS Appeals Office—and win your settlement.

FACT 4 – Find someone locally, in your area, to represent you, that knows the individual personality and methods of the IRS personnel handling your case. Knowledge of virtually all of the local IRS Agents, IRS Revenue Officers and Appeals Officers is critical to winning the best possible settlement. I know the local IRS employees and the correct approach that will get YOU the lowest settlement allowed by law.

FACT 5 – First, never, never, never, never, never get mad in your discussions with the IRS. When you do you lose, and the IRS wins. Second, you get what you expect. Only a trained IRS resolution professional with expertise in IRS tax law knows what to expect. If you don’t, you will lose, and the IRS wins. Third, know the power of when to pause in discussions with IRS personnel. The first person that speaks after an appropriate pause in the negotiations will lose. I know and have used these strategies to my clients advantage. These strategies are rarely if ever used by other IRS representatives and never by taxpayers who represent themselves. That is where 42 years of IRS experience WORKS to your advantage.

FACT 6 – Do it right the first time. Too often taxpayers try to represent themselves and when things don’t go as expected they seek out an IRS resolution specialist to fix the situation. In most cases, you get one chance to do it right and if you don’t, you may be forced into a settlement option that will be to the advantage of the IRS and not YOU!

FACT 7 – “Don’t go to a neurosurgeon when you have a sore throat.” In other words, know when the services of an attorney is in your best interest.  Almost every client over estimates the seriousness of their IRS problem. Attorneys take advantage of this fact with large up front retainers, outrageous fees, and the longest path possible to get your settlement. I will always refer you to a competent attorney when the situation merits legal services. In less than 5 cases in the last 47 years have been of a criminal nature requiring the use of an attorney. I will get you IRS problem resolved in the quickest possible manor that is to your benefit. To clearly understand the procedure read more on our IRS settlement process page.

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