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Pay Estimated Taxes


One of the most common actions overlooked by our clients is their total focus on their back tax problem.  It never seems to occur to them that if they are behind on their back taxes they are probably behind on their current taxes.  The IRS is much more concerned with your current taxes being caught up than your past taxes.  They know they may never collect all of your back taxes but they are extremely concerned that you don’t add to the problem by not paying your current year estimated taxes if you are self-employed or having correct federal income tax withholding if you are a wage earner.

For this reason one of the first items we will discuss in your initial interview is “Where are you with regards to this year’s taxes?”  The IRS will be asking us the same question as your representative before we can start the IRS settlement process.  IRS tax debt problems do not go away unless you are staying current on your taxes.  Thinking you can catch up at the last minute is less likely than going to the casino to try to pay your taxes on time.