Can You Add Money To A Certificate Of Deposit Regularly
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Can You Add Money To A Certificate Of Deposit Regularly?

Most CDs (certificate of deposit) do not allow regular additions to the balance following the initial deposit. However, it is possible to opt for an add-on CD, which allows additional deposits. Let’s take a detailed look at CDs and other great savings options.

Can You Add Money To Your Certificate Of Deposit?

Typically, CD’s do not allow individuals to add to their balance. Once you make the initial deposit, the balance will be locked in to keep earning interest until the maturity date. This is part of the reason that CDs do usually offer higher interest rates than other deposit account types.

When you invest in a CD, you commit to locking your money away for a specified period of time. You cannot add to the balance and there will often be steep penalties to pay when choosing to withdraw your money early. You will get a greater return on your deposit in exchange for less liquidity.

Other CD Options For Savings

If you’re looking for the low risk and great returns of a CD but want a bit more flexibility there are a few choices. There are two ways to contribute more money as time goes on: using the CD laddering strategy or buying an add-on CD.

CD Laddering Strategy

With a CD laddering strategy, you will purchase multiple CDs, each featuring a different term. For instance, you can invest in a CD with a six-month term and another with a one-year term. By diversifying your deposits, you can take advantage of the smaller commitments associated with short-term CDs. At the same time, you can enjoy the higher interest rates of long-term CDs.

As the CDs in your ladder mature, you may liquidate the accounts and bank both the principle and interest. Or, you can keep adding rungs to the ladder by renewing the CDs for another term, enabling you to earn more interest.

Add-On CD

Add-on CDs will differ from traditional CDs since they allow the depositor to contribute more funds to the account during its term. The terms of this type of CD can differ depending on where you purchase it from. Some institutions may have a maximum value the CD can have, while others could allow you to make a certain number of deposits during the term.

To maximize your add-on CD, it’s suggested to choose one with a longer maturity date – at least two to three years. As is the case with any CD offering, always shop around to find the best interest rates.

Alternative Savings Options

There are a few alternative ways to build your savings. These options offer greater flexibility than CDs. Depositing money directly into a savings account or opening an IRA can help you save and build your wealth over time.

Savings Accounts

Savings accounts generally offer higher interest rates than checking accounts. However, they are still usually lower than CD rates. You won’t earn as much money off your savings accounts, but you are free to withdraw your money at any time.

The FDIC insures savings accounts, so these are great options for individuals seeking the security of a CD without sacrificing liquidity.


You should consider opening a traditional or Roth IRA alongside your 401(k). A Roth IRA is funded with your after-tax dollars, while the traditional version is funded via pre-tax income. Both of these IRAs allow you to withdraw money without penalty after the age of 59.

If you have any extra money left in your budget at the end of the month, funding IRAs can put you on a fast track to a comfortable retirement. The more time your funds have to grow, the larger they will be come time for retirement.

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