Written by Scott Allen

1040x Amended Tax Return filing in Mesa AZ

Scott Allen EA gets frequent phone calls every years of taxpayers in Mesa AZ who prepared or filed their tax return but left off information by mistake.  The only option to correct that issue is to prepare and file a Mesa AZ amended tax return.  Scott Allen EA has experience preparing IRS and AZ amended tax returns by using IRS form 1040x and 140x for Arizona.

What does he need to accurately get your IRS amended tax return prepared:  A complete copy of your federal and state that was originally filed along with the new information to add (or take away) to the return.  If you no longer have a copy of the original filing, with a Power of Attorney authorization we could get that copy directly from the IRS for you.  Amended tax returns cannot be e-filed.  The IRS and state requires them to be mailed in.  With preparing your amended tax return in Mesa AZ Scott Allen EA will give you self addressed envelopes to mail your new tax returns.  Amended tax returns typically take anywhere from 6-10 weeks to get processed so you do have to exercise some patience in the matter.

If you think you may need to get an amended tax return prepared and are in Mesa AZ give Scott Allen EA a call for a free evaluation.

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