Written by Scott Allen

Frank used Tax Debt Advsiors for a Phoenix AZ release IRS levy

Tax Debt Advisors specializes in Phoenix AZ release IRS levy work.

Just like Frank you too may need to meet with Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors if you are drowning in an IRS problem.  Frank called and talked with Scott one day because when he went to use his debit card, it was denied due to funds confiscated by the IRS.  After scheduling an appointment and giving Scott his Power of Attorney authorization Scott was able to get a Phoenix AZ release IRS levy done.  In less then 48 hours Franks funds were put back into his bank account.  View the image below to see the actual levy release notice from the IRS.

Phoenix AZ release IRS levy

Phoenix AZ release IRS levy

In getting the IRS levy release done Scott had to make some commitments in Frank’s behalf to get and keep his account with them in compliance.  As we speak Scott is negotiating an IRS settlement for him.  Frank did not need any back tax returns filed but if he did Scott Allen EA could have assisted in that.

A big part of having that success with the IRS is having a great deal of patience.  It can be difficult to deal with the matter on your own when you are limited on time due to work and family commitments.  Give your IRS burden to Scott to handle.  He will help you sleep better at night by finally putting your IRS levy released and settled.

The best way to get hold of Scott Allen EA is through 480-926-9300.