Written by Scott Allen

July 2017 Tax Debt Advisors Reviews

Tax Debt Advisors Reviews by Scott Allen EA

It can be difficult to compare one company to the next. Can I trust a strangers opinion? Scott Allen EA has always said to judge him by his recent performances. Real Tax Debt Advisors Reviews are documentation of real successes he has had with other clients in a similar situation. Below in this blog is a real recent approval letter from the IRS for his client Fred. Fred had all his tax returns filed with the IRS. He just did not get them paid. He came to Scott Allen EA to set up a new payment plan to settle his debt.

Tax Debt Advisors Reviews

Tax Debt Advisors Reviews

As Fred’s IRS Power of Attorney Scott Allen EA was able to put a stop to the levy on his social security income and work out a new fixed amount each month. For $271 per month the IRS will not levy or garnish his bank account or income. He is committed to filing and paying any future tax returns on time to prevent a default of this arrangement. Because there is a statute of limitation on time the IRS can go after taxes most of the taxes Fred owes will be expiring next year.  That will be 10 years from the time he filed a bunch of back tax returns.

View other Tax Debt Advisors Review by clicking here.  Or better yet, schedule a free consultation with him to discuss your tax matter.  He can file all your back tax returns even if you don’t have any records. Let him stop or prevent further levy action against you.