Written by Scott Allen

What does Fate and IRS Problems have in common?

There is a story that comes to mind regarding fate called Death in Teheran:

A rich and mighty Persian once walked in his garden with one of his servants.  The servant cried that he had just encountered Death, who had threatened him.  He begged his master to give him his fastest horse so that he could make haste and flee to Teheran, which he could reach that same evening.  The master consented and the servant galloped off on the horse.  On returning to his house the master himself met Death, and questioned him, “Why did you terrify and threaten my servant?”  “I did not threaten him; I only showed surprise in still finding him here when I planned to meet him tonight in Teheran,” said Death.

Often we are certain that what has happened to us is the end of our world, that our life is ruined, that now we can never find happiness, that life will only be a torture chamber as the phase says, “Life’s a bitch, then you die.”  I would prefer something like, “Life’s a beach, get a surf board.”

But having a serious IRS problem can seem like the end of the world.  It isn’t.  What is the end of the world is getting back in trouble with the IRS a second time.  Many clients tell Scott Allen E.A. that if he will get them out of trouble with the IRS, they will never have that problem again.  Most of the time that is true, but too often it is not.  Why?   Scott has learned that unless a client knows why he got in trouble the first place and takes appropriate action to not repeat the same mistakes, the client will soon be back in trouble with the IRS.  The client is fated to be in trouble with the IRS like the servant who rushed to get away from death only to find him in Teheran.  Remember the IRS will eventually find you.

Scott Allen E.A. provides two valuable services.  One, he will get you out of trouble with the IRS.  But just as important he will advise you on how to stay out of trouble.  If you don’t have both pieces of a “pair” of pliers, you don’t have a tool that will work.  Scott offers you a free one hour consultation to determine what needs to be done to get you out of trouble and stay out of trouble.  Don’t allow fate to take over your life with IRS problems.  Call Scott at 480-923-9300 and schedule an appointment.  He will put your mind at ease.

Print off this blog and bring it with you at the initial consultation and receive $60.00 off any IRS resolution work we do.  One blog offer per client.