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File Back Tax Returns Peoria AZ

File Back Tax Returns Peoria AZ: 2017

Do you need to file back tax returns Peoria AZ? Scott Allen EA has helped hundreds of Peoria AZ taxpayers file back tax returns and settle their IRS debts. James and his wife were behind on multiple years of back tax returns. Let’s sum it up for you: Scott Allen EA was hired to be their Power of Attorney and represent them, the missing tax returns were filed, and a settlement was negotiated. View their settlement below.

File Back Tax Returns Peoria AZ

File Back Tax Returns Peoria AZ

This is just one example of hundreds that Tax Debt Advisors, Inc has settled. This settlement is unique to the taxpayers current financial circumstances. No one can promise you the exact same outcome, however Scott Allen EA can promise to get you the best possible settlement allowable by law. James’s IRS debt was resolved with a payment plan. This is just one option out of five of six different solutions. It is important to evaluate all solutions FIRST before finalizing a settlement.

Taxpayers will often ask, “What if I cannot afford the settlement I agree to?” If you financial situation changes you always have the option to re-negotiate that agreement if you financial situation changes. Scott Allen EA has also handled a lot of re-negotiation work when necessary. If you are holding on to a CP-504 notice from the IRS they need to be contacted very soon. Let Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors make that initial call for you.