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Tempe IRS Settlement by Scott Allen EA

Another Tempe IRS Settlement

Are you behind on paying your taxes? If you need a Tempe IRS Settlement or help with unfiled tax returns contact the office of Tax Debt Advisors today. You may feel like the you are the only person behind on his or her taxes but it’s quite the contrary. Thousands of taxpayers find themselves with tax trouble each and every year.  Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors can help you navigate through you tax burden.  When it comes to settling an IRS debt it is important to not be closed minded. The IRS has several options available to you to settle your IRS debt. And everyone one of those options has something good and something bad about it.  With Scott Allen EA you will know all of that information before making this important decision.

To help you evaluate and review Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors below is an approval letter for a Tempe IRS Settlement completed. Gus and his wife owe for back taxes, just finished getting their last child through college, and needed to settle things up with the IRS finally.  Due to Gus’s income level we knew negotiating a payment plan was the most realistic option.  We got just that done for Gus.  View the notice below to see the work accomplish by Scott Allen EA.

Tempe IRS Settlement

Tempe IRS Settlement

This plan protects them from any collection activity from the IRS. Their #1 goal is making sure they don’t fall into the trap of owing taxes on future tax returns. If so, the IRS will default the plan and require a new agreement to be negotiated. Get your family protected from the IRS by speaking with Scott Allen EA today. He will make today a great day for you.