Written by Scott Allen

How To File Back Taxes

How To File Back Taxes

Looking to file back taxes? The correct way to file back taxes is by:

  1. Gather your W-2’s or 1099’s

To file back taxes, the first thing you’ll need are your 1099’s or W-2’s you received from prior tax years so you can report your taxable income. Were you eligible for deductions and credits during those years? If so, be sure to gather all records and receipts to prove your eligibility to receive them.

  1. Request missing tax documents

Request a copy of your missing tax documents from the IRS (if you need them). Tax documents can be requested by filling out a Request for Transcript of Tax Return, also known as Form 4506T. Use Form 4506T to request 1098s, 1099s, and W-2s that can provide support for your deductions.

The IRS will provide a transcript of relevant information vs sending you an actual duplicate of your original tax forms. However, the transcript will provide enough information for you to file your back taxes properly. It takes about 45 days for the IRS to process a request for prior year tax documents.

  1. Download Tax Forms from Prior Year

Download tax forms for the years you are filing. The IRS website will have nearly all tax forms you will need to begin filing prior year tax returns. You can always consult an Enrolled Agent like Scott Allen to help you file back taxes, find the right forms, and negotiate your tax burden (if needed) with the IRS.

  1. Prepare Back Tax Returns

This is where filing back taxes can get a little tricky due to the tax law changing every year. You can’t use the current tax year instructions to complete prior year tax forms. While inputting data, make sure you are using instructions for the same tax year as the back tax return you are filing out. Using the wrong instructions could require you to have to do it all over again.

  1. Submit Your Back Taxes

Submit your back tax returns to the IRS using the address that will be listed in the Form 1040 instructions. To reduce interest charges, make sure you make as big of payment as you can. Monthly interest never stops accruing with back taxes. After the IRS has received your back tax returns, the next step will be receiving a notice from them with the exact tax penalty and how much interest you still owe.

IRS Back Taxes Help In Arizona

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