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File back taxes Mesa AZ and save $726,680

File back taxes Mesa AZ

Can you file back taxes Mesa AZ and save $726,680? Well, maybe not. But, for this client he did. Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors represented this taxpayer and protested the IRS’s ruling. Don’t just take our word for it. View the actual IRS notices below and see the tax savings accomplished.

File Back Taxes Mesa AZ

File Back Taxes Mesa AZ

If you have to file back taxes it is important to start off on the right foot. The right representation will get a signed IRS power of attorney from you to be able to defend you before them. The right representation will all be able to prepare all unfiled tax returns for you. And lastly, the right representation will be able to negotiate an IRS settlement for you once you are in compliance. You will want to be able to accomplish all of this with the same person that you can meet with locally.

This is exactly what Scott Allen EA offers. He can handle your IRS matter from beginning to end. He is highly trained to prepare any back tax returns that you may be behind on. If the IRS has filed SFR returns in your behalf get Scott Allen EA on the case to challenge the ruling for you. He is here to get you the “Victory” you deserve before the IRS. He will not give you any false hope or promises; only the truth you need to here to get the best possible result. His office is located in Mesa AZ @ 3155 E Southern Ave #101 85204.

File Back Taxes Mesa AZ

File Back Taxes Mesa AZ














October 2018 Case Update

Lisa had a tax problem. She had to file back taxes Mesa and needed to settle it. As you can see from her settlement agreement notice below she settled several years taxes into one agreement. Upon a financial analysis and negotiation process Scott Allen EA settled the IRS debt into a currently non collectible status.

File Back Taxes Mesa

To learn more about what a currently non collectible status is and how you may or may not qualify for it speak with Scott Allen EA today. He is available to take your call.