Written by Scott Allen

I have Unemployment Tax Problems: Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Attorney?

Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Attorney for unemployment

No, unemployment tax problems are not a legal matter and does not require a Phoenix AZ IRS tax attorney.  Every Phoenix self-employed business is required to pay unemployment taxes to their state and the federal government.  These taxes go towards paying for unemployment benefits should you have to lay off an employee.  The taxes paid to the federal government are known as Federal Unemployment Taxes or FUTA, and your state unemployment taxes are known as SUTA.

There are severe penalties and interest if these taxes are not paid on time.  If you have missed deadlines in paying these taxes, you should immediately consult with an IRS unemployment tax specialist.  Scott Allen E.A. has the expertise to work out payment arrangements with your state or the IRS is you have gotten behind on paying your unemployment taxes.  If you have not used a payroll service to help keep you current, it is best to use one as payroll taxes and unemployment taxes rules are difficult for new business owners to become familiar with while operating their day to day activities.  If you need a free consultation regarding your unemployment taxes, contact Scott Allen E.A. at 480-926-9300 instead of a Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Attorney.

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