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IRS Payment Plan Specialists Gilbert

IRS Payment Plan Specialists Gilbert

Scott Allen EA: IRS payment plan specialists Gilbert

If you are like Don (a current client of Scott’s) then you might need the services of an IRS payment plan specialists Gilbert.  Scott Allen EA is owner of a second generation tax resolution company.  Since 1977 his father and himself have been solving over 108,000 IRS debts. If you find yourself behind on one or more tax returns Scott Allen EA is experienced in navigating his way through tax preparation.  He prides himself not only on fixing one’s tax problem but doing so in a way that the taxpayer does not end up down this road again. Finances need to be adjusted and sometimes habits need to be broken in order for that to happen. With that being said, a Victory is possible!

See below what Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors did for Don.  He is currently in a monthly payment plan with the IRS. Scott provides this to you so you can see examples of what follow through service is.  Let him follow through on your IRS settlement. It could include negotiating a payment plan or a different settlement option.

IRS Payment Plan Specialists Gilbert

IRS Payment Plan Specialists Gilbert

Make today the day you start your IRS resolution. Speak with Scott during a free consultation meeting.


November 2018 Case Resolution

Recently Karen received her IRS payment plan acceptance. She was several years behind on her back taxes. Being self employed she knew she would owe a large amount of taxes as nothing was being withheld on her income. Scott Allen EA prepared all her back tax returns, got her current with her 2018 estimated tax payments, and negotiated a low monthly payment plan. As you can see from the notice below the IRS payment plan includes all the back tax debt in it.

IRS Payment Plan Specialists Gilbert

Karen’s #1 goal now is to remain in filing and payment compliance with the IRS. If she does that the IRS “stay off her back”. This has been a tremendous relief for her as she was carrying this burden with her for a very long time. If you need to also put your mind at ease meet with Scott Allen EA to discuss your potential IRS payment plan resolution.