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IRS Settlement Peoria AZ

IRS Settlement Peoria AZ

Reduce your old debt with an IRS Settlement Peoria AZ

Do you have old unresolved IRS tax debt? Just know you have options for an IRS settlement Peoria AZ. Just because the IRS sends you a tax bill does not mean its accurate or that you have to pay it in full. There may be other ways to reduce what you owe. Sometimes the IRS makes their own errors as well. However, when they make a mistake it is up to us to point it out to them.

Ben was a client of Tax Debt Advisors and came in to discuss his old tax debt from 2004 and 2005. The IRS made up their own assessments against him several years ago but did nothing about it. Year after year the debt grew larger and larger. Tax Debt Advisors was hired to be his power of attorney representative and they contacted the IRS for him.  After a complete review of the situation it was discovered that those assessments for 2004 and 2005 were not from taxpayer filed tax return but rather IRS filed returns. Yes, believe it or not the IRS can prepare and file tax returns for someone.  When this is done it is done in the simplest way possible usually resulting in the highest taxes owed possible. Just take a look at the notice below. According to the IRS Ben owed over $17,000 in taxes for just one year!

IRS Settlement Peoria AZ

IRS Settlement Peoria AZ

As you can tell Tax Debt Advisors was able to get Ben an IRS settlement Peoria AZ and reduce that tax bill down to less then $2,000. How did they do that? They prepared a taxpayer filed return adding in expenses, dependents, and exemptions and then protested that with the Internal Revenue Service.

If you have unfiled tax returns that need to be prepared contact Tax Debt Advisors of Arizona today. They will meet with you for a free initial consultation.  They will show you the proper plan and procedure to achieving the most deserved victory.