Written by Scott Allen

Looking to reduce IRS debt in Phoenix AZ

Is there an option to reduce IRS debt in Phoenix AZ?

For Nathan the answer was Yes! Nathan had received a bill on his 2008 tax return for over $20,000.  The catch is that Nathan had never filed his 2008 tax return as was unsure how the IRS had come up with that assessment.  They were threatening to file a wage garnishment and knew he needed to act quick.  He quickly met with Tax Debt Advisors to evaluate ways to reduce IRS debt in Phoenix AZ.  If you view the image below you will be able to see the actual result of the work done by Tax Debt Advisors.

Reduce IRS Debt in Phoenix AZ

Reduce IRS Debt in Phoenix AZ

By correctly investigating Nathan’s account with the IRS, gathering up the necessary documentation, and securing a stop to all collection activity Scott Allen EA was able to reduce Nathan’s taxes by over 50%. When the IRS filed their own assessment on this they accounted for Nathan’s gambling winnings as gross income unable to account for his gambling losses.  By gathering up the loss information from the casino and properly protesting the tax returns the reduction in IRS debt was successful.

Don’t become the next victim of the IRS.  Put the power in your hands by hiring Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors today.  His office is near Phoenix AZ and will meet with you for a free initial consultation.