Written by Scott Allen

Scottsdale IRS Settlement 2016

Make 2016 the year to get your Scottsdale IRS settlement complete

Are you behind on your tax filings or behind paying your taxes? If you can answer yes to one or both of those now is the time for your Scottsdale IRS settlement. Call and make an appointment to meet with Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors.

Below is a notice from the IRS on a settlement for happy client of Scott Allen EA.  After getting the taxpayers caught up with their back tax returns a Scottsdale IRS settlement was negotiated for $70/month on a payment plan.

Scottsdale IRS settlement

Scottsdale IRS settlement

If you are in need of an IRS payment plan or another option of settlement meet with Scott Allen EA for a free evaluation of your circumstances. He is local and owner of a 2nd generation family company near Scottsdale Arizona. End the stress and hire Scott to be your IRS Power of Attorney from beginning to end. He can be reached at 480-926-9300.