Written by Scott Allen

Stop IRS Levy Mesa by Tax Debt Advisors

Tax Debt Advisors can stop IRS levy Mesa through representation

An Arizona resident can receive a notice of levy for a number of reason.  With that being said Tax Debt Advisors can be your advocate to stop IRS levy Mesa before it happens.  Most clients come in and meet with Scott Allen EA for a consultation before the IRS has issued a levy.  But, for those that don’t all is not lost.  You have options.  First, you need to show the IRS you are ready to “step up to the plate”.  Tax Debt Advisors has a positive track record with the IRS through the representation of 1000’s of clients. Built with that is a record of follow through service with the IRS.  That way when it is time to represent you in your matter the IRS will give you the benefit of doubt because you hired the right professional.  Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors can be your path to ending your IRS nightmare.  By giving him Power of Attorney he will do all the correspondence between you and the IRS.

To give you an example of commitment to follow through by Tax Debt Advisors attached is a Release of Levy notice.  This taxpayer came in to meet with Scott Allen EA after his employer notified him of this levy to his wages.  Within 48 hours Scott was able to stop IRS levy Mesa and work to get the taxpayer in compliance.  Today Michael is on an installment arrangement with the IRS to settle the debt.  As long as he does not allow himself to fall out of compliance the IRS will hold to this agreement.

Stop IRS Levy Mesa

Stop IRS Levy Mesa

If you need to prevent or stop IRS levy Mesa contact Scott Allen EA and discuss your situation in a free consultation.  Always work locally when dealing with an IRS issue.  Out of state companies often make “sales pitch promises” that cannot be kept.


September 2018 update

Check out the latest IRS levy release by Scott Allen EA. This was for a new tax client who came in to meet with Scott not more then 24 hours ago to handle his IRS debt and unfiled back tax returns.  A day later the levy was released and faxed to his employer. View the image below to see the evidence for yourself. This was released with a commitment to a schedule to prepare and file the missing tax returns and negotiate an acceptable agreement.

Stop IRS Levy Mesa

If you are worried that you might be next in needing to stop IRS levy Mesa then give Scott Allen EA a call. Hire him before the levy notice arrives in the mail. He can handle your IRS matter from start to finish.