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taxdebtadvisors.com – What will get the IRS off my back?

I need the IRS off my back

The IRS will leave you alone when the following has occurred:

1)      You prove that you have insufficient equity in any real or personal property.  If you have no equity in your car or home the IRS isn’t interested in taking it from you.

2)      If you are on a payment plan and current on your payments the IRS will stay off your back.

3)      If you are appealing an IRS decision, collection action will cease until a decision has be made by the Appeals Office.

4)      If you have filed an offer in compromise that is deemed processible, the IRS will leave you alone.

5)      If you have filed an innocent spouse claim, collection ceases as long as it is pending.

6)      If you file a bankruptcy, collection action stops until your bankruptcy is over.

7)      If you are classified as currently not collectible, collection action stops as long as you maintain that status.

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