Written by Scott Allen

taxdebtadvisors.com in Mesa Arizona – Can Interest and Penalties on IRS debt really be reduced?


The short answer is: rarely.

It is common to hear IRS Relief ads claim that they can reduce interest and penalties on your IRS debt.  It is easy for clients to believe this claim since interest and penalties often exceed the amount of the actual tax debt.

But because it is possible in very limited situations, unscrupulous companies will give the impression that they know how to do something that no one else knows about or is able to do.  This is probably the most common myth that clients, seeking a second opinion, share with us.  When we point out the situations that do apply to penalty and interest abatement, it is obvious that the prospective client is not a candidate for that type of tax relief.

In simple terms, unless it was a mistake by the IRS against you that was incorrect, or you were prevented from filing or paying because of something beyond your control, such as your house being blown off it’s foundation, along with your tax records from Hurricane Katrina, or being called up for combat in the military or some similar situation you will not be a candidate for penalty or interest abatement.  In the situations mentioned you would only be considered for penalty abatement but not interest abatement.  In other words, every penalty abatement case is unique and is handled case by case for the IRS to consider.

Scott Allen E. A.

Tax Debt Advisors, Inc in Mesa Arizona