Written by Scott Allen

Who can settle IRS debt in Gilbert AZ ?

Tax Debt Advisors can and does settle IRS debt in Gilbert AZ

The hardest part of getting an IRS issue resolved in most cases is just finding the right help.  Delinquent taxpayers are bombarded with advertisements, websites, and phone calls all claiming to be the best in the industry.  But are they really?

Anyone can put up a website and get a phone number.  I would like to give you just a couple pieces of advice when searching for IRS help.  Are they local or out of state?  Most the companies that are advertising “IRS relief” are just that, out of state with a 1-800 number and an address that is hard to locate.  If this is the case the chance of being represented aggressively is slim to none.  Scott Allen EA meets with clients and hears weekly about taxpayers who paid one of theses out of state companies and received nothing in return.  Don’t become one of their victims.  Work locally with someone like Scott Allen EA.  His office is in Mesa Arizona.  He specializes in settling IRS debts for Arizona residents.

Second, only pay for services as they are accomplished.  Don’t pay any company a large upfront retainer with unrealistic expectations.  How can someone know what to charge you for services after a 10 minute conversations?  Chances are you may just be talking with a sales person.  Don’t ever talk with a sales person. Only work and talk with the actual person who will be representing you.  When you call Tax Debt Advisors to settle IRS debt in Gilbert AZ you will only speak with Scott Allen EA.  He will converse with you over the phone and meet with you for a free consultation.  He will prepare and file your unfiled tax returns and negotiate your IRS debt.  Scott Allen EA does not take large upfront retainer fees.  His services are “pay as you go”.  He will give you a fixed fee for each step of the way as it needs to be accomplished.  This is the best and surest way of being represented honestly and aggressively.

Click on the image below to view an actual settlement negotiated by Scott Allen EA.  Tax Debt Advisors was able to help James with his unfiled tax returns and get a favorable agreement worked out for him.  All results may vary but James received proper representation and was very satisfied with what was negotiated on his behalf.

Settle IRS Debt in GIlbert AZ

Settle IRS Debt in GIlbert AZ