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April 2017

2017 IRS Settlement Phoenix AZ

Complete your IRS Settlement Phoenix AZ Tax Debt Advisors, Inc specializes in all IRS settlement Phoenix AZ options. Negotiating a payment plan is just one of about five or six ways to resolve an IRS debt situation. Derek is a client of Tax Debt...
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Tax Attorney Chandler

Are you searching for “Tax Attorney Chandler” while looking for someone to help you fix your tax troubles with the IRS? First of all, you don’t actually need a tax attorney to fix your tax problems with the IRS, you just need someone experienced...
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Tax Debt Advisors Settlement

Tax Debt Advisors Settlement completed Click on the image below to see the Tax Debt Advisors settlement completed by Scott Allen EA.  The taxpayer owed a large sum of back tax debt to the IRS.  Most of it was able to be discharged in...
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