Written by Scott Allen

2018 Peoria IRS Settlement

What is a 2018 Peoria IRS Settlement?

A 2018 Peoria IRS Settlement is a successful agreement between an Arizona taxpayer and the Internal Revenue Service to solve a tax debt. Mike was in need of this service and went to Tax Debt Advisors to get this done. He had ten tax years that he is delinquent on. See the notice below to view his accepted Peoria IRS settlement.

2018 Peoria IRS Settlement

What does a “Case Closed – Currently Non Collectible” statue mean? It means that Mike does not have to pay anything back to the IRS on his delinquent debt. He has also agreed to file and full pay his current and future tax obligations. It is basically a $0 a month payment plan.  Based upon a detailed analysis of his finances it was determined that he did not have any extravagant living expenses and could not afford an IRS payment plan at this time. A currently non collectible status is just one of several ways to resolve an IRS debt. It is important to explore all options before making a final decision.

What are the available options?

1. Let it expire
2. Suspend it (Currently Non Collectible)
3. Adjust it
4. Pay it
5. Compromise it
6. Discharge it

Tax Debt Advisors is a family owned tax practice in Arizona. It has been solving IRS problems since 1977. It is currently owned and operated by Scott Allen EA and has been since 2007. Before that it was owed by his father. Over time Scott Allen EA purchased the firm from his father and has never looked back. He has taken the existing business and grown it year after year. Specializing in unfiled tax returns and IRS settlements has its rewards in helping struggling taxpayers get back on their feet again. This is the true joy of doing this type of tax work.  If you are currently struggling with an IRS matter give Scott Allen EA a call to discuss your situation.