Written by Scott Allen

Mesa Enrolled Agent vs. Mesa AZ IRS Tax Attorney

Hire a Mesa AZ IRS Tax Attorney ?

Experience means a lot to most of us, rightfully so.  Some will make the assumption that a tax attorney has more experience then the rest of the “league”. But, does a Mesa IRS tax attorney have more experience the a Mesa AZ Enrolled Agent?

It is a very good question anyone should ask who has an IRS debt problem or back tax returns that need to be filed. Taxpayers can confuse experience with education background.  Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors will admit that Mesa AZ IRS tax attorneys have more education but the critical question to ask is that education in IRS settlement work?  IRS settlement work is expertise unto itself. You cannot get it through a class or education.  It comes from years and years of working out IRS settlements for taxpayers like yourself and establishing good healthy relationships with the local IRS employees.  Scott Allen EA has worked with most of the local IRS agents multiple times.  That kind of relationship and trust can work to your advantage.

Over the past 41 years Tax Debt Advisors has resolved over 108,000 IRS debts. We pride ourselves on complete follow through service throughout the entire process.  There is more information to read about the IRS settlement process on his website.  Tax Debt Advisors has always been and always will be a family owned business that is now on to its second generation of ownership.  To find out if Tax Debt Advisors is the right choice for you call and schedule a free confidential appointment to meet with Scott Allen EA who is a licensed Enrolled Agent.  He can be reached at 480-926-9300.  He can handle the 98% of cases that do not require the need of a Mesa AZ IRS Tax Attorney.  Again, call Scott Allen EA first for your second opinion.

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Scott Allen EA @ 480-926-9300


February 2018 update:

He is successfully still resolving IRS matters. View the notice be to see how he saved a taxpayer $154,698 for his 2009 tax year. As an Enrolled Agent Scott is fully licensed to handle these matters before the IRS. Again, before calling a Mesa AZ IRS tax attorney get your first opinion from Scott Allen EA.

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