Written by Scott Allen

Is a Mesa AZ tax attorney necessary if I owe IRS payroll taxes?

The quick answer is no.  A Mesa AZ tax attorney is not required to resolve IRS payroll taxes.  On the other hand, it is a matter you need to take it serious.  Once you are behind on your payroll taxes it can be extremely difficult to get caught back up.  On top of that the IRS will be on top of you throughout the process. Interest and penalties will continue to accrue in most cases and they are 3 times higher then interest and penalties on individual income taxes.

If you find you and your business in this situation you will probably need the assistance of a professional IRS resolution specialists who has experience in fixing IRS payroll tax problems.  The IRS will want to use all their resources possible to collect the taxes owed and can even come after you personally if the business can no longer afford to pay the debt back.  If you fail to cooperate timely the IRS will file a notice of federal tax lien and will threaten to seize your business and personal assets.

Don’t procrastinate any longer what you know you need to take care of.  Mesa AZ IRS payroll taxes can we resolved and settled if you go thru the proper channels. Consider having a consultation with Scott Allen EA in Mesa AZ.  Don’t fall into the fear or trap that you have to have a Mesa AZ tax attorney for your IRS payroll issue.  Find the representative that will make you feel the most comfortable and give you the confidence he or she can get your situation resolved quickly.

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