Written by Scott Allen

Its time to take my case to an IRS appeals officer in Mesa AZ

Do I need to call a Mesa AZ tax attorney in order to present my case to an IRS appeals officer?  Not necessarily.  Taking your case to an IRS appeals officer when you live in Mesa AZ is not a legal matter that requires a tax attorney.  You can always present your own case or use the services of an enrolled agent or CPA.  May I suggest Scott Allen of Mesa AZ.  He is an enrolled agent who specialized in serious tax matters.  98% of cases do not require the use of an appeals officer, but in the 2% that do of cases more important then anything is your preparation in the matter.  Scott Allen EA will spend ample (but necessary) time with you organizing your paperwork and tax information in a matter that the IRS appeals officer likes and can understand.  In doing this, it was make the time and process with the IRS appeals officer stress free and quick.

Next time you feel like your IRS matter is not being resolved correctly with your auditor, collection officer, CPA, or tax attorney in Mesa AZ please give Scott Allen EA a call for a free evaluation of your IRS tax matter.  He promises quick response and guaranteed services.  Click here to contact Scott Allen EA today.