Written by Scott Allen

Phoenix AZ IRS Help: I have received an Innocent Spouse Preliminary Determination Letter?

Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Attorney for Innocent Spouse?

This is not a legal matter and you do not need to hire a Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Attorney.  This notice gives you 30 days to appeal the IRS decision to turn down your request for innocent spouse relief.  Once you know that the IRS has turned down your petition, you usually have a pretty good idea as to the reasons why.  Now is the time to work with an IRS representative like Scott Allen E. A. who can prepare arguments in your favor and file an appeal.  If the letter is responding favorably there is no need to contact Scott.  Scott Allen E.A. is available for a free consultation on your determination letter.  Contact Scott at 480-926-9300 and compare his services to any Phoenix Arizona IRS Tax Attorney today!

Thank you.