Written by Scott Allen

Scottsdale AZ IRS Help: Represent me for my appointment with an Appeals Officer

Scottsdale AZ IRS Tax Attorney for IRS help ?

This is not a legal matter and you don’t need to pay an expensive Scottsdale AZ IRS Tax Attorney to represent you.  You have a choice to either represent yourself or have an Enrolled Agent (E.A), a CPA, a Scottsdale AZ IRS Tax Attorney, or your tax preparer represent you.  The best choice is the one that does this work successfully on a regular basis and charges a fair fee.  When you use a representative, you will need to give them an IRS Power of Attorney—IRS Form 2848.

The meeting will be held at the IRS for your Appeals hearing.  The Appeals process is not a formal procedure.  You will generally meet in a small office.  There will not be any one present except you and the Appeals officer.  No recording of the procedures is done by the IRS.  You do have the right to record the procedures as long as you let them know in advance but this is not necessary if you are being represented.  It may even make negotiating a favorable settlement less likely.  The Appeals Officer would not want to come off as being soft if the recording were played before their manager.

Scott Allen E.A. has successfully represented many clients at Appeal hearings and will be able to accomplish what you need done at a fair fee.  Contact Scott at 480-926-9300 to arrange a free consultation to determine what your best strategy to settle with the IRS for less than what you owe.