Written by Scott Allen

Release IRS Levy Mesa AZ: May 2017

Release IRS Levy Mesa AZ quickly

How does someone want to release IRS levy Mesa AZ? Quickly! When a notice of levy or garnishment is issued it is important to respond timely.  Levies and garnishments are sent when a taxpayer is not in compliance. This could include unfiled tax returns, back taxes owed, or a missed deadline. The IRS typically will not warn you beforehand. Doing so would defeat their purpose. With all this being said, you have rights and you have options.

A recent taxpayer came in and met with Scott Allen EA after a tenet from his rental property received a levy from the IRS. The tenet was required to send the rent check each month to the IRS rather then to the taxpayer. This did not make the tenet very happy nor the taxpayer for obvious reasons. The taxpayer would no longer be able to pay the mortgage payment and was at risk of losing his tenet as well. To add to all of this stress the levy was issued on the 22nd of the month and with rent due on the 1st there was only about a week’s time to fix the situation.  To sum it all up in one picture click on the image below. The levy was release within a few days. In just four days Scott Allen EA worked with the IRS agent and stopped the IRS levy from his client.

Release IRS Levy Mesa AZ

Release IRS Levy Mesa AZ

If you are out of compliance with the IRS and your taxes don’t wait until a notice of levy gets sent to your bank or employer. Meet with Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors so he can put a stop to all collection activity. He will represent you as your IRS power of attorney and defend you against the IRS collection field.