Written by Scott Allen

Tax Debt Advisors, Inc.—What you need to know about a CP-90 letter?

IRS CP-90 letter Peoria AZ

This letter is telling you that the IRS will begin to levy your assets.  That means your social security benefits, you salary and bank accounts.  The Peoria AZ IRS will also lien your property including your vehicles and your home.  You can stop such action by paying the amount due.  Very few taxpayers have the ability to pay off their tax debt or they would have done it sooner in most cases.  If you cannot pay off the balance due, you need Peoria Arizona professional help.  The IRS will expect you to enter into an Installment Arrangement or making an Offer in Compromise.  Your proposal needs to be within 30 days from the date of the notice.  If you don’t agree with the tax assessment you have the right to file an Appeals Collection Due Process hearing (CDP).   If you tried to contact the IRS and received no response you can contact the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service.

There are a lot of things to consider and understand in this whole process.  Scott Allen E.A. of Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. has the expertise to help you through any IRS problem in Peoria AZ.  At your free initial consultation you will get straight answers.  Call 480-926-9300 to schedule an appointment.