Written by Scott Allen

IRS Lien has ruined me credit score: Now what!?

Do I Need a Chandler Arizona IRS Tax Attorney to Save My Credit Due to an IRS Lien?

An IRS tax lien will definitely lower your credit score and can prevent you from buying a home or purchasing a vehicle.  Banks will charge you a higher rate of interest on loans if you have a tax lien or not make the loan at all.  Those that will loan you money will charge you “loan shark” rates of interest.

If an IRS tax lien notice is filed, you have 30 days to file a Collection Due Process Appeal to explain why the tax lien should never have been filed.  If you miss this deadline, you always have the option of doing an IRS lien subordination.  This IRS procedure is usually done in conjunction with taxpayers who have equity in a home and want to get a loan from a bank.

Whatever your situation, contact Scott Allen E.A. for a free consultation at 480-926-9300 to see what options you have to deal with an IRS tax lien.  You can count on Scott’s expertise in this area to provide you with all of your options and help you choose the one that is best.  If you have already met with an IRS Tax Chandler, AZ Attorney please consider me for a second opinion.  If you havnt met with a Chandler, AZ IRS Tax Attorney yet please call me FIRST for you second opinion.


Written by Scott Allen

IRS Tax Debt and Confidentiality

Do IRS Tax Attorneys in Gilbert Arizona Provide a Higher Level of Confidentiality?

All IRS resolution experts are required to keep confidential any information disclosed to them whether they be a Gilbert AZ IRS Tax Attorney, Enrolled Agent (E.A.) or CPA?  The only time this becomes critical is in the matter of criminal cases.  An IRS Tax Attorney in Gilbert, AZ has “attorney client privilege.”  This means that if you have committed a criminal act, the IRS Tax Gilbert Attorney is allowed to keep information confidential.

The problem comes when less than 1 out of 10,000 clients that we have seen over the last 37 years has committed a criminal act and should retain the services of a Gilbert, AZ IRS Tax Attorney.  Yet when our clients have talked to a Gilbert Tax Attorney, the attorney always mentions that they have attorney client privilege as if that is needed in your case—which is almost never.  So why pay two or three times as much for something you don’t need.

If you scheduled a free consultation with Scott Allen E.A. at 480-926-9300 he can tell you if you have committed a criminal act and need the services of an IRS Tax Attorney in Gilbert, AZ.  If that is the case, he will be able to refer you to a Tax IRS Attorney Gilbert, AZ that specializes in the tax representation area you require.

Scott Allen, E.A. works with the company Tax Debt Advisors, Inc.



Written by Scott Allen

My Husband Left Me With IRS Tax Debt. Do I Need a Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Attorney?

Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Attorney or a licensed Enrolled Agent:

This situation is not a legal matter.  The most common removal of the IRS tax debt is to file for innocent spouse relief.  Many wives find out that they owe large amounts of money to the IRS after their divorce or the death of their husband.

Often times the husband has not reported income or taken deductions that are disallowed by the IRS.  As long as the income was attributable to the actions of the husband and the wife did not benefit financially from this action, she can be relieved of the tax debt.  In other words, if the wife has a new car and a nice home from the bogus actions of her husband, she has benefited from his action and the wife would need to either sell the home or trade in her vehicle for a lower cost one to qualify for injured spouse status.

If the wife has been divorced or living apart for the last 12 months, the wife has 2 years to elect to file as married filing separately.  This allows the wife to be taxed only on the money she earned and not the income that was not reported to the IRS.

Scott Allen E.A. can help you sort through your scenario to see if you qualify for this tax procedure.  He is available for a free consultation at 480-926-9300.  Scott is not a Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Attorney but rather a licensed Enrolled Agent here in Arizona.


Written by Scott Allen

Why use Scott Allen, E.A. with Tax Debt Advisors, Inc?

Who should be your Arizona IRS Representative?

  • E.A. stands for Enrolled Agent.  Enrolled Agents are authorized to represent clients in all 50 states.  Attorneys and CPA are only able to represent themselves to clients as Attorneys or CPA’s in the states that they are licensed.
  • An E.A. or Enrolled Agent must pass a rigorous test regarding their knowledge of tax law.  The Bar exam given to Attorney’s has almost no requirements for tax knowledge.  The same is true of the CPA exam.
  • IRS agents and IRS officers are known as “bill collectors” and are hired to get the largest payment or settlement they can—that’s their job.  Scott Allen E.A. is there to make sure you get the smallest payment or settlement allowed by law.
  • It can be very intimidating working with IRS agents and officers.  With Scott Allen E.A. you will be put at ease regarding your IRS problem and know that it is being handled by a competent IRS representative.
  • Many IRS employees are incompetent or only willing to do the minimum amount of work to keep their manager off their back.  You need IRS representation to keep your IRS agent or officer “on their toes”.  Scott Allen E.A. can request a conference with your IRS agent or officer if he senses that he is getting the “run around”.  That is something most taxpayers are unable to detect.
  • Not always but occasionally IRS agents or officers will take advantage of your lack of IRS procedures and policies.  IRS agents or officers know that an Enrolled Agent is knowledgeable of IRS procedures and policies.
  • Most tax preparers including CPA’s are not experienced in working with IRS resolution work.  Scott Allen E.A. expertise is in resolving IRS problems.

Don’t put your head I the sand.  It is only a matter of time before the IRS catches up to you.  Put time on your side by contacting Scott Allen E.A. today at 480-926-9300 for a free consultation and put your mind at ease.


Written by Scott Allen

Why Use Scott Allen (Enrolled Agent) in Mesa, AZ instead of a Mesa, AZ IRS Tax Attorney?

•             Intimidation Factor—Most clients feel intimidated when using an IRS Tax Attorney Mesa AZ.  You don’t need to add to the intimidation factor a Mesa, AZ Tax Attorney on top of the intimidation factor of the IRS.

•             IRS Settlement Experience—The most important factor is the number of successful cases your representation has done.  Our firm has successfully resolved over 101,000 IRS tax debts over the last 36 years.

•             Repore with IRS Agents—The second most important factor is the relationship your IRS representative has with local IRS agents and IRS officers.  Our firm has work with almost all of the local IRS agents or officers that could be assigned to your case.  Because of our track record of success with IRS problems, IRS agents and IRS officers prefer working with someone who has expertise in settling IRS problems and provides the information in a timely manner.

Call Scott Allen E.A. for a free consultation at 480-926-9300 and put your mind at ease.  A problem with the IRS is stressful enough.  Selecting the right person to represent you is critical.  Scott Allen E.A. will provide the service you need to be successful in settling your matter with the IRS and won’t intimidate you in that process.  The company he works for is Tax Debt Advisors, Inc.  He prepares taxes (current and delinquent) and settles or negotiates IRS debts.  This is his niche and this is all that he does on a day in and day out basis.  Just last night he was here until 7:00pm because someone called in at 5:30pm and just found out his bank account had been levied by the IRS.  Rather than putting it off for another day, Scott met with the client and got started on the resolution to his case immediately.  Scott is not a bankruptcy Tax IRS Attorney dabbling in IRS problem work.  He is an Enrolled Agent licensed to prepare tax returns and represent taxpayers before the IRS.