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November 2015

IRS Settlement in Mesa AZ: Case Closed

Can you qualify to get your “Case Closed”? Congratulations to Stanley who was able to get his IRS settlement in Mesa AZ completed with help from Tax Debt Advisors.  The image below shows the acceptance from the IRS of getting Stanley’s IRS debt into...
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Stop IRS levy in Glendale AZ

Do you need a stop IRS levy in Glendale AZ? If so, you are not the only one.  Manuel came to see Tax Debt Advisors was was under a levy threat, had not filed tax returns in 10 years, and didnt know how to...
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Tax Debt Advisors Inc Reviews

November 2015 Tax Debt Advisors Inc Reviews Below is an actual notice from the IRS on a settlement aggressively negotiated by Tax Debt Advisors Inc.  If one recent success isn’t enough click here to view other Tax Debt Advisors Inc Reviews. There is a...
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Tempe AZ IRS garnishment release

How to get my Tempe AZ IRS garnishment release? Many people do not know what to do or where to begin when they get the dreaded IRS garnishment notice.  With Scott Allen EA representing you there are better options then just “sticking your head...
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Release IRS levy Phoenix AZ quickly

Do you need a Release of your IRS levy? Don’t panic (too much).  A release IRS levy Phoenix AZ is possible and Scott Allen EA can lead you in that process.  His company Tax Debt Advisors over the last 38 years has released thousands of...
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