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Do I Need a Glendale IRS Tax Attorney to do a Hardship Offer in Compromise?

Glendale IRS Tax Attorney?

No, this is not a legal matter and you don’t need to hire the first Glendale IRS Tax Attorney you talk to.  However, it will take an IRS resolution specialist who has expertise in applying and getting approval from the IRS to accept your hardship case.  Hardship means that it would cause you to suffer a severe hardship even though you can pay the tax liability.  There must be unusual circumstances before one can expect the IRS to consider the taxpayer a hardship candidate.  For this reason, hardship offers are rare compared to offers based on the ability to pay the full amount of the tax debt.

Some of the valid hardship situations would include:

  • All of the taxpayer’s assets would be required to provide adequate medical care for an illness or physical disability.
  • Payment of the tax debt owed would leave the taxpayer without means to cover necessary living expenses including housing, food, medical care, clothing and utilities.
  • The taxpayer does not have the ability to liquidate or borrow against assets to pay the tax debt.

Sometimes seeking a currently non-collectible status (CNC can provide the same protection needed by the taxpayer.   A CNC status is much easier to get approved by the IRS and is not difficult, in many situations, to be maintained until the statute of limitations for the collection of the taxes owed to the IRS has passed.

May I suggest you contact Scott Allen E.A. who has expertise in these matters and can navigate you towards the best settlement option at the lowest cost to you?  Scott is available for a free consultation at 480-926-9300.  Put your mind at ease and contact Scott Allen E.A. today instead of a Glendale IRS Tax Attorney. Below is an example of Scott Allen EA representing his Client Norman and negotiating all ten years of back taxes owed into a currently non collectible status. Always explore all options avaiable to you before submitting an IRS offer in compromise or any other tax settlement solution.

Glendale IRS Tax Attorney


Written by Scott Allen

Glendale AZ IRS Tax Attorney or Tax Debt Advisors Inc

Do I Need a Glendale AZ IRS Tax Attorney For Trust Fund Recovery Penalties?

The IRS is very aggressive in trying to collect on Trust Funds associated with payroll taxes withheld from employee’s paychecks.  However, this is not a legal matter and is not considered a criminal act and does not require the services of a Glendale AZ IRS Tax Attorney.  Most employers that do not pay in their payroll tax withholdings are struggling with their business and try to keep the business afloat by “borrowing” these funds with the intent to pay them back at a later date when business improves.

Unfortunately most businesses do not improve enough to pay the taxes with the penalties added.  When the business closes, these taxes are eventually reassigned over to the individual(s) responsible for paying the taxes.  This will include the owners and anyone associated with payment of taxes.

There are two areas of IRS representation work that may be needed with regard to Trust Fund Recovery Penalties.  If you feel that the IRS is unjustified in targeting you for payment of the taxes and penalties, we are able to evaluate your responsibility or lack thereof.  This is usually a black and white matter, but the IRS takes a “shot gun” approach and tries to include as many people without really knowing who is truly responsible.

The second area is making a settlement with the IRS if you are in fact responsible for the payment of the tax and penalties.  There are several options available to settle with the IRS for less than the amount owed, depending on your financial ability to pay.

Scott Allen E.A. has expertise in both areas dealing with Trust Fund Recovery Penalties.  Call Scott today and schedule a free consultation at 480-926-9300 to get an evaluation of what your options are.  Scott Allen E.A. will put your mind at ease knowing that you are facing this serious IRS problem with a professional who has successfully negotiated many favorable settlements with the IRS on Trust Fund Recovery Penalties.

Tax Debt Advisors Inc has successfully work with struggling taxpayers in the 85303, 85308, and 85301 areas of Glendale Arizona.  Before meeting with a Glendale AZ IRS Tax Attorney give me a call to discuss your options with the Internal Revenue Service.

Thanks and make today a great day for you!

Check out a recent success for a tax client in Glendale AZ

Peter was able to get his Trust Fund Recovery Penalties negotiated into one agreement – Currently Not Collectible status.

Glendale AZ IRS Tax Attorney

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Tax Debt Advisors—How do I qualify for Equitable Tax Relief in Glendale AZ?

Glendale AZ Equitable Tax Relief

Equitable tax relief may be available if you do not qualify Separation of Liability Relief.  If you filed correctly and owe IRS taxes on a jointly filed return but you feel that the tax is attributable to your spouse, you can petition the IRS for relief using IRS Form 8857.  To qualify for Glendale AZ equitable tax relief you must prove that considering the facts and circumstances, it would be unfair for the IRS to hold you responsible for the taxes owed.

Scott Allen E.A. of Tax Debt Advisors has the expertise to consult with you about your chances of getting relief of an IRS tax burden in Glendale AZ through the equitable tax relief program.  Tax Debt Advisors has been helping taxpayers since 1977.  Call for a free consultation at 480-926-9300.

Written by Scott Allen

IRS Audit Myth Number 2: By Tax Debt Advisors, Inc of Glendale AZ

IRS Audit Myths Glendale AZ

I know now that I made a mistake on my tax return, but I’m reluctant to amend the error for fear of being audited.—in reality the filing of a correct amended return may reduce the chances of being audited, especially if you omitted reporting income that was also reported to the IRS on your original return.

Most of the amended returns prepared by Scott Allen E.A. of Tax Debt Advisors are not audited—perhaps as many as 95% are processed without any further review by the IRS.  If there is an item being amended that is a red flag for a Glendale AZ IRS audit but it is a correction of an error, the auditor will be much more lenient if you amend the return rather than have the auditor discover the error.  If you desire a free consultation near Glendale AZ regarding how to amend your return(s) call Tax Debt Advisors at 480-926-9300.


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Call Scott Allen E.A. if you want to reduce Glendale AZ IRS Penalties

Glendale AZ IRS Penalties

Reducing your Glendale Arizona IRS penalties is called IRS penalty abatement.  The IRS gets thousands of letters from taxpayers each year asking the IRS to “please take off the penalties and interest and I will pay the tax.”  These letters are all ignored because they are not sent to the right department and do not provide legitimist reasons for abatement.  These are like letters sent to Santa Clause except the IRS does not send you what you want when it comes to IRS penalty abatement.

The best way to make your arguments why penalties should be removed is with the IRS Appeals Office.  The Appeals Officer will look at your history of filing and paying taxes on time.  If you have a good tax history and have a good reason why you should be granted penalty abatement, the Appeals Officer will give you an impartial decision.  Scott Allen E.A. has the expertise to advise you in advance whether the Appeals Office will give serious consideration to your request.  Scott Allen E.A. offers a free consultation about Glendale AZ IRS Penalties and can be reached at 480-926-9300.


Written by Scott Allen

Scott Allen E.A. can help you with Glendale AZ IRS Debt due to your spouse

Glendale AZ IRS Debt

Many of our Glendale AZ clients find out that their spouse has taken deductions they were not entitled to or under reporting income.  Sometimes this knowledge isn’t apparent until after a divorce and the return(s) are audited by the IRS.  This area is very specialized and depending on the facts and circumstances, you may qualify for relief under the innocent spouse status.

As soon as you become aware of this situation, may I suggest you schedule a free consultation with Scott Allen E.A. near Glendale AZ to see what options are available?  Some options are time sensitive.  For example if you have been divorced or separated for the last year, you have two years to elect for file as married filing separately.  This allows the wife to be taxed on her earnings.  If you have received economic benefit from the underpayment of taxes, you will not qualify as an innocent spouse.

Scott Allen is available for a free Glendale AZ IRS debt consultation.  Call him today at 480-926-9300 to schedule an appointment.  Let Scott make today a great day for you!



Written by Scott Allen

How does the IRS administer my tax debt when I file a bankruptcy? From Tax Debt Advisors, Inc.

Filing A Tax Bankruptcy

The IRS will cease all collection action and will transfer your account to its bankruptcy division.  Any tax periods not listed on the bankruptcy petition will not be discharged in bankruptcy.  A STRONG WORD OF CAUTION—bankruptcy attorneys are notorious for not finding out all the tax periods with IRS tax debt.  I will qualify all of your taxes that are dischargeable in bankruptcy by getting transcripts of all IRS tax debt that you will take to our preferred attorney to handle your tax motivated bankruptcy.  You should only do a tax bankruptcy with an attorney.  Do not attempt to do this on your own or use a paralegal.  It is just too important to leave to chance—you only get one.

Scott Allen, E.A. – Tax Debt Advisors, Inc