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September 2010

IRS Notice CP 504

This is what we call a 90 letter.  The 90 is the number of days from the first notice until this final notice which threatens you with levy action against your wages and bank accounts.  The IRS will also be filing a tax lien...
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IRS Form 2848

This IRS form is used to give permission for someone else to represent you before the IRS.  It is referred to as an IRS Power of Attorney.  It is limited to the items described on the form and those areas of representation are limited...
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Is IRS resolution just a sales pitch?

The answer is no.  It is a reality.  But to make sure, let’s define resolution.  Some clients think that if they pay us a fee the whole tax matter will magically go away.  There is no magical disappearing trick with IRS taxes.  Resolution involves...
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