Written by Scott Allen

Call Scott Allen E.A. if you need an IRS Tax Settlement in Chandler AZ

There are many options available to choose from to settle your Chandler Arizona IRS tax debt.  The most common ones you may have heard of include:

  • Monthly payment plans
  • CNC status—no monthly payment is required
  • Offer in Compromise—settlement for less than amount owed
  • Filing back tax returns—this is required before any settlement will be considered by the IRS
  • Filing a correct return to lower the balance due on an IRS substitute for return
  • Abating IRS penalties
  • Tax motivated bankruptcy—which can eliminate all tax debt, interest and penalties or pay the tax debt back in monthly amounts without interest accruing.

Scott Allen E.A. offers a free initial consultation for Chandler taxpayers and can be reached at 480-926-9300.  Invest the time to have a face to face meeting with Scott.  I know Scott will make that appointment a great day for you!


Written by Scott Allen

Who do you call when you need Gilbert Arizona Tax Debt Reduction

Tax debt reduction in Gilbert AZ is a reality but only when you are able to file and full pay on time your current taxes.  Often clients will seek tax debt reduction but have not developed their “tax muscles” sufficiently to stay current.  All settlements with the IRS will be voided out if you do not continue to file and full pay on time.  Anyone can get in trouble with the IRS—there are situations in life that cannot be avoided.  But it is another matter to be able to break the cycle of getting back in trouble.  IRS statistics show that almost 80% of installment arrangements are voided out due to non-compliance with filing and paying on time within the first year.

Scott Allen E.A. has the expertise to not only get you the best settlement allowed by law but also to help you get back into compliance and stay there.  Scott offers a free consultation for Gilbert AZ taxpayers and can be reached at 480-926-9300.  He will make your appointment worth your time.  Come prepared with all recent IRS notices and Scott will put your mind at ease.


Written by Scott Allen

Call Scott Allen E.A. if you need Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Debt Help

Let’s cut to the chase.  If you need help because you have a problem, of any sort, with the Phoenix AZ IRS you need to have a face to face meeting if at all possible with Scott Allen E.A.  A person can write all the fancy words in the right order to make it sound like they are the one.   Frankly, you need to meet with someone local who has the expertise you require.  Having the right IRS resolution professional will make your situation better and the wrong one will make it worse.  Scott Allen E.A. offers a free consultation for Phoenix taxpayers and can be reached at 480-926-9300.  If you are married, try to have both spouses present at the initial appointment and bring in any recent correspondence the IRS has sent you.  I am confident that your appointment will be a great day for you and give you the assurance that you are on the right path, with the right person, to resolve your IRS tax debt.


Written by Scott Allen

Scott Allen E.A. to avoid limitations of the IRS Living Standards for Glendale AZ taxpayers

If you call the IRS to set up your own payment plan, the IRS is required to set up a budget for you which can be difficult to “live with.”  The IRS Living Standards do not allow you to spend more than their housing and utility amounts which are very low, especially in Maricopa County.  Almost 7 out of 10 clients are spending more per month than the IRS standard allows for Glendale Arizona residents on their vehicles.  Other miscellaneous expenses such as credit cards, contributing to your 401(k), charitable donations, vacations, children’s sports, salon expenses, etc. our outside of the IRS living standards.

There are ways to get past the IRS Living Standards.  These include:

  • Streamlined Agreements
  • One year plan
  • Five year plan
  • Discharging taxes in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 payment plan bankruptcy

Each of these options has its pros and cons, but it is very probably that one of them will fit your budget without running into the IRS Living Standards “wall.”  Scott Allen E.A. has the expertise to help you with your decision process and evaluate your options.  Scott Allen E.A. offers a free consultation and can be reached at 480-926-9300.  He will make your appointment a great day for you!



Written by Scott Allen

Call Scott Allen E.A. if you default on your IRS Installment Arrangement in Goodyear Arizona

If you fail to make your monthly payment to the IRS, you will eventually receive an Installment Agreement Default Notice in Goodyear AZ.  If this is your first default the IRS may allow you to be reinstated at your original payment amount provided you catch up on all missed payments.  If this is your second default, or it has been a long time since you have made a payment, or you owe a significant amount to the IRS, it is likely they will want to renegotiate your payment plan all over again.  This means providing new financial information.

If you are required to renegotiate with the IRS may I suggest you seriously consider having a free consultation with Scott Allen E.A.  near Goodyear AZ This is a time to revisit whether your installment arrangement can be negotiated lower or if it is likely to increase to determine if another settlement option would be more favorable.  Scott Allen E.A. can be reached at 480-926-9300 to schedule an appointment and he will make that day a great day for you!


Written by Scott Allen

Scott Allen E.A. for Extension of Time to Pay Phoenix AZ IRS Taxes.

IRS form 4868 extends the time to file your return.  IRS form 1127 extends the time to pay your taxes.  The IRS will automatically approve an extension of time to file your return.  However, you must prove that you would suffer an “undue hardship,” to get approval for additional time to pay taxes.

IRS form 1127 in most instances requires Phoenix AZ professional tax assistance.  Scott Allen E.A. has the expertise to put together a package that gives you the best chance of getting your request approved.  One must way the cost of filing form 1127 with the interest cost of paying late.

When considering both forms, remember that the IRS penalties are 5% per month initially for failing to file on time and 1/2% per month for failing to pay on time.  For that reason, filing IRS form 4868 is much more critical than filing IRS form 1127.  Call Scott Allen E.A. at 480-926-9300 for a free consultation to see what options you should consider.  Scott is licensed to represent you before the IRS in all 50 states but specializes in the Phoenix Arizona area for tax issues.


Written by Scott Allen

IRS Tax Tempe AZ Attorney Not Necessary For Extension Of Time To Pay Taxes

Don’t confused IRS form 4868 which is an extension of time to file your return, with IRS form 1127 which is to request an extension of time to pay your taxes.  Here are some of the differences:

* IRS form 4868 gives you an additional six months to file your return.  You do not have to give any explanation.  It is automatic.  Here in Arizona it also extends the time to file your Arizona return.  IRS form 4868 must be filed by April 15.

*IRS form 1127 Allows you to delay paying your taxes until August with interest but no penalties.  But the guidelines for this delay have strict requirements.  This form must be filed by April 15th.

IRS form 1127 requires you to provided complete details of your assets and liabilities at the end of the previous month and an itemized list of money your have received and spent over the last three months.  The IRS wants to verify that your are unable to pay and the reasons why you are unable to pay.  You will have to provide documentation that you are unable to pay the money.  It must be legitimate “undue hardship,” not just an inconvenience.

It is important to know that the failure to pay penalty is 1/2% per month (form 1127), and the failure to file penalty is 5% per month initially (form 4868).  Taking this into consideration, it is 10 times more important that you file IRS form 4868 than IRS form 1127.  Even though it is possible to delay paying your tax liability, take into consideration the additional cost (1/2% per month) with the chances the effort needed to file IRS form 1127 and the chance that the IRS District Director might deny your request.

To appropriately evaluate your situation, consider a free consultation with Scott Allen E.A. at 480-926-9300.  It is doubtful that an Tempe AZ IRS Tax Attorney would even know what your are talking about if you inquire about filing IRS form 1127.


Written by Scott Allen

Do I Need an IRS Attorney in Mesa, AZ if I get an Installment Agreement Default Notice?

No, this is not a legal matter.  However, you will need to provide all of your financial information to determine if you IRS payment plan should remain the same, go up or go down.  The IRS will likely require you to have your payments come directly out of your checking account or if you have had a track record of default the IRS may want the payments to come directly from your pay check.

You have 30 days to respond to this notice or levy action will follow.  My suggestion is to have a free consultation with Scott Allen E.A. rather than with an IRS Tax Attorney Mesa AZ.   Scott can determine the lowest amount allowed by law that you should pay the IRS.  If your financial situation has worsen since the time you entered into your installment arrangement you may qualify for non-collectible status and not be required to make any monthly payment. He will also review all the other settlement options to determine if an IRS installment arrangement is the best option for you.  You can reach Scott Allen E.A. at 480-926-9300.

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Written by Scott Allen

My IRS tax payment plan is too high: What are my options?

Do I Need a Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Attorney if I Cannot Afford My IRS Payment Plan?

Often times a taxpayer negotiates, on their own, a payment plan known as an IRS installment arrangement that is more than they can afford, or their income has gone down and they can no longer afford the agreed payment.  This is not a legal matter that requires a Phoenix Arizona IRS Tax Attorney.  Scott Allen E.A. has the expertise to get your IRS installment arrangement lowered or eliminated depending on your financial ability to pay.

Scott Allen E.A. is an Enrolled Agent qualified in all 50 states to renegotiate IRS payment plans.  Scott Allen E.A. is available for a free consultation at 480-926-9300 and can tell you what he is able to renegotiate for you after you provide him the financial information he requests.  Scott Allen, E.A. and Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. are not IRS Tax Attorneys in Phoenix AZ or a law firm.  We are a tax preparation company who specializes in negotiating IRS debts.


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