Written by Scott Allen

If you are behind on your IRS 940 taxes call Scott Allen, E.A.

Many business owners in Avondale Arizona get behind on their payroll taxes not because they don’t have the money to pay the taxes but are overwhelmed with all the forms that need to be prepared.  We suggest to all of our clients to get a payroll service to prepare all of the forms and make the payments on time.  This action is a great investment.  Just saving you from one mistake doing it yourself can cost you more than what you would pay a payroll service for the next year.  We follow that same advice.  We use a payroll service.

But payroll services are not able to resolve IRS problems, especially IRS payroll taxes.  Scott Allen E.A. near Avondale AZ has the expertise to negotiate with the IRS agent that will be assigned to your case.  Payroll taxes are the worst taxes to owe.  If the business does not pay the tax, the IRS will go after the business owners, company accountants and anyone else connected with preparing or payment of these taxes including spouses.

Scott Allen E.A. offers a free consultation and can be reached at 480-926-9300.  He will only take your case if he can help you and his commitment is to get you the best settlement the tax laws allow.


Written by Scott Allen

Scott Allen E.A. for your Chandler AZ IRS Payroll Tax Problems

Many taxpayers feel they have no choice but to use funds withheld from payroll checks and use for either personal or business purposes with the intent to pay them back later.  However, when the bill finally comes with the additional interest and penalties, the taxpayer would have been better off borrowing from the loan shark down by the docks.  Now the taxpayer risks losing not only business assets but the business itself as well as all personal assets.  This is why consulting with a tax professional such as Scott Allen E.A. is so essential if you have Chandler AZ payroll tax problems.

Scott Allen E.A. offers a free consultation and will show you a way out.  You have many options to carefully consider.  One that is unpleasant but needs to be considered is whether you have a viable business which is defined as a business that has enough revenue to have enough profit after paying all the business expenses and taxes.  Scott Allen E.A. has the expertise to advise you about your taxes as well as how to operate your business more profitably.  Scott can be reached at 480-926-9300.  He will make your appointment date a great day for you!



Written by Scott Allen

Scott Allen E.A. has expertise with Scottsdale Arizona Trust Fund Recovery Penalties

Scottsdale AZ IRS Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

If you received a notice from the IRS regarding not paying in payroll taxes withheld from your employees—take this very seriously.  The Scottsdale AZ IRS will pursue the collection of these taxes more than other tax debts.  The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (TFRP) code is 6672.  The reason the penalties are so burdensome is that funds were held in trust—not paid to the employee and held in trust to pay to the IRS.  The IRS will hold all individuals responsible to paying these taxes.  This would include owners, accounting personnel, and those with check signing privileges that knew taxes were not being paid and willfully neglected to pay these taxes to the IRS.

Scott Allen E.A. minutes from Scottsdale AZ has expertise with Code Section 6672 penalties.  Call Scott to schedule a free consultation to see which option is best for you.  Scott Allen E.A. can be reached at 480-926-9300.  Scott will make today a great day for you!


Written by Scott Allen

Work with Scott Allen E.A. if you want to know if you can discharge your IRS taxes in bankruptcy

The following conditions must be met to discharge your IRS taxes in an Arizona bankruptcy:

  • Must have filed an original return.  IRS substitute for returns do not qualify.
  • Must be 3 years past the due date for filing the return, including extensions.
  • Return must have been assessed at least two years and 240 days after a new assessment from an audit.
  • There must be no fraud in the filing of the return.
  • Payroll taxes and sales taxes cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.
  • If you filed a previous bankruptcy, the 3 year and 240 day rules are extended during the time you were in bankruptcy plus 90 days.
  • An Offer in Compromise delays the 240 day rule for the time the Offer was pending plus 30 days
  • A Collection Due Process Hearing will delay the 3 year and 240 day period for the amount of time you were involved in the CDP process.

If you have questions about whether you qualify for discharge in a bankruptcy or need to file returns so that you can pursue filing a bankruptcy to discharge taxes at a later time, contact Scott Allen E.A. for a free consultation at 48-926-9300.



Written by Scott Allen

Arizona IRS and state tax help: State Payroll Tax Problems?

An Arizona IRS Tax Attorney?

No, state payroll tax problems are not a legal matter so an Arizona IRS or tax attorney is not required.  Arizona, like most states is under stress financially to operated state government functions.  Many states are running large deficit spending.  For this reason Arizona aggressively enforces collection action against businesses that are behind on filing their payroll tax returns and payment of payroll taxes.

The Arizona Department of Revenue has the authority to file state tax liens and seize property as well as take away driving privileges.  If you are delinquent in the filing or payment of Arizona payroll taxes, contact Scott Allen E.A. who has expertise in negotiating settlements with the Arizona Department of Revenue.  Scott provides a free initial consultation and can be reached at 480-926-9300.


Written by Scott Allen

Do I need a Chandler Tax Attorney if I have IRS payroll tax problems?

No, a Chandler Tax Attorney is not needed as IRS payroll tax problems are not a legal matter.  However, it is a very serious matter to get behind on paying your IRS payroll taxes.  The penalties and interest on delinquent filing and late payment of IRS payroll taxes can be more than most businesses can afford to pay to the IRS.  If this is your situation, you definitely need the services of an IRS resolution specialist who has expertise in resolving IRS payroll tax problems.  The IRS is very aggressive in its collection of payroll taxes, especially the trust funds, which are the withholdings you have withheld from your employee’s paychecks.  The IRS will be very demanding in receiving payment of IRS payroll taxes as soon as possible.  If you do not make payment arrangements the IRS will hold you personally responsible for payment.  The IRS has the right to file IRS tax liens and seize your business and personal assets if necessary.

Contact Scott Allen E.A. for a personal, private and free consultation to determine your rights and options to settle with the IRS on your IRS payroll tax problems.  Scott can be contacted at 480-926-9300.  When you call he will be there to answer the phone…can you say that if you call a chandler tax attorney?

Try and compare.


Written by Scott Allen

I have Unemployment Tax Problems: Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Attorney?

Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Attorney for unemployment

No, unemployment tax problems are not a legal matter and does not require a Phoenix AZ IRS tax attorney.  Every Phoenix self-employed business is required to pay unemployment taxes to their state and the federal government.  These taxes go towards paying for unemployment benefits should you have to lay off an employee.  The taxes paid to the federal government are known as Federal Unemployment Taxes or FUTA, and your state unemployment taxes are known as SUTA.

There are severe penalties and interest if these taxes are not paid on time.  If you have missed deadlines in paying these taxes, you should immediately consult with an IRS unemployment tax specialist.  Scott Allen E.A. has the expertise to work out payment arrangements with your state or the IRS is you have gotten behind on paying your unemployment taxes.  If you have not used a payroll service to help keep you current, it is best to use one as payroll taxes and unemployment taxes rules are difficult for new business owners to become familiar with while operating their day to day activities.  If you need a free consultation regarding your unemployment taxes, contact Scott Allen E.A. at 480-926-9300 instead of a Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Attorney.

Thanks !


Written by Scott Allen

Do I Need a Gilbert AZ IRS Tax Attorney For Trust Fund Recovery Penalties?

Trust Fund and Gilbert AZ IRS Tax Attorney

The IRS is very aggressive in trying to collect on Trust Funds associated with payroll taxes withheld from employee’s paychecks.  However, this is not a legal matter and is not considered a criminal act and does not require the services of an Gilbert AZ IRS Tax Attorney.  Most employers that do not pay in their payroll tax withholdings are struggling with their business and try to keep the business afloat by “borrowing” these funds with the intent to pay them back at a later date when business improves.

Unfortunately most businesses do not improve enough to pay the taxes with the penalties added.  When the business closes, these taxes are eventually reassigned over to the individual(s) responsible for paying the taxes.  This will include the owners and anyone associated with payment of taxes.

There are two areas of IRS representation work that may be needed with regard to Trust Fund Recovery Penalties.  If you feel that the IRS is unjustified in targeting you for payment of the taxes and penalties, we are able to evaluate your responsibility or lack thereof.  This is usually a black and white matter, but the IRS takes a “shot gun” approach and tries to include as many people without really knowing who is truly responsible.

The second area is making a settlement with the IRS if you are in fact responsible for the payment of the tax and penalties.  There are several options available to settle with the IRS for less than the amount owed, depending on your financial ability to pay.

Scott Allen E.A. of Gilbert and Mesa AZ has expertise in both areas dealing with Trust Fund Recovery Penalties.  Call Scott today and schedule a free consultation at 480-926-9300 to get an evaluation of what your options are.  Scott Allen E.A. will put your mind at ease knowing that you are facing this serious IRS problem with a professional who has successfully negotiated many favorable settlements with the IRS on Trust Fund Recovery Penalties.  Please call Scott for a honest second opinion if you are determined to think you need a Gilbert AZ IRS Tax Attorney for IRS Trust Fund Recovery Penalties.

Thank you.


Written by Scott Allen

Tax Attorney in Tempe AZ to Help with my IRS Payroll Taxes?

IRS Tax Attorney in Tempe AZ

No, your payroll taxes are not a legal matter and does not necessarily require a Tempe AZ IRS Tax Attorney.  If you are self-employed and have employees, you are required to make certain withholdings of a portion of wages and pay those to the government along with your portion as well.  These withholdings include federal income taxes, Social Security and Medicare taxes and in some states, there is city as well as state taxes that need to be withheld.

Social Security and Medicare taxes are withheld from every employee paycheck. You as the employer are required to match these amounts up to certain limits.  If you do not pay these taxes in on time there are severe penalties.  Failure to make these tax payments can cause the IRS to eventually close down your business.  If you have not paid in your payroll taxes or paid them in late, you definitely need at least a consultation with a seasoned IRS payroll tax professional.  Scott Allen E.A. is qualified to help you work out a payment plan with the IRS that will not burden your business operations.  He is available for a free consultation at 480-926-9300.  Please consider him as a second opinion over a Tempe AZ IRS Tax Attorney.

Thank you.


Written by Scott Allen

IRS payroll tax audits in Arizona: IRS help from Scott Allen, E.A.

Arizona IRS Payroll Audits

Payroll tax audits are conducted to: 

  • Verify that all money paid to employees is being reported to the IRS.
  • Verify that workers are being correctly classified as employees rather than independent contractors.
  • Verify that employers and employee are filing all required returns.
  • Making sure withholdings for Social Security and Medicare are being correctly reported and paid in on a timely basis.

Arizona IRS payroll tax audits close down more businesses than any other IRS action.  If you lose here the tax assessed against the business will eventually be assessed against you as the owner.  These taxes are not dischargeable in bankruptcy.

The IRS gets leads from business competitors, ex-employees and other government agencies such as Unemployment Offices.  Take Arizona IRS payroll tax audits seriously.  In fact I tell my clients that if they cannot pay their payroll taxes, they don’t have a business.  Do not fool yourself into thinking that you can “borrow” by not filing and paying your employees withholdings.  The interest and penalties are more than even profitable businesses can afford.  You would have more luck going to the casinos than not paying your payroll taxes on time to save your business.

Scott Allen E. A. – Tax Debt Advisors, Inc

IRS payroll tax audits in Arizona:  IRS help from Scott Allen, E.A.

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