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Don’t let unfiled tax returns in Phoenix AZ get you down

If you have unfiled tax returns in Phoenix AZ please read the following article. Just because you have not filed the tax back tax return does not mean the IRS cannot levy or garnish your wages.  The IRS has the power to file what they call SFR returns.  They take what limited information they have and prepare a simple high balance due tax return in your behalf.  Don’t thank them just yet.  Our client, Raymond came in to meet with Scott Allen EA a few months back.  What the IRS had done was filed his Phoenix AZ unfiled tax return for him giving him a balance due of $167,669 for the year 2011.  That is a lot of money for a taxpayer who made less then $50,000 for the year.  When Raymond came in, Scott Allen EA contact the IRS with a signed power of attorney authorization.  With this he discovered how they came up with their numbers, got contact and address information on how to protest their filing, and secured a hold on ALL collection activity to give time to prepare the unfiled tax return and to get it accepted by the IRS.  When the IRS prepares SFR tax returns they are generated out of specific IRS offices and the protest return needs to be sent to that specific address.  That is key to getting the return accepted and accepted quickly.  What was the result of Scott Allen EA’s accurately prepared protest return?  Only $2,394. Below is a copy of the acceptance letter secured by Scott Allen EA.

phoenix unfiled tax returns


If you have unfiled tax returns near Phoenix Arizona call Scott Allen EA.  His company Tax Debt Advisors has settled over 105,000 IRS debts since 1977.  That is two generations of family tax debt service.  He will meet with you for a free evaluation of your unfiled tax returns and go through the process that will get this issues behind you as quickly as possible.  The best part is when you are happy with his services he can be your “regular tax preparation guy” year in and year out.

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Written by Scott Allen

Successful IRS Audit Reconsideration in Phoenix Arizona

Click on letter to view an actual notice from the IRS of a Successful Phoenix AZ IRS Audit Reconsideration by Tax Debt Advisors, Inc.

phoenix irs audit reconsideration

Our client, Andrew owed the IRS $38,773 on his 2008 tax return.  Upon a successful audit reconsideration in Phoenix AZ he now only owes $3,184 to the IRS.  Andrew came into our office after his previous representative failed to respond timely with the necessary documents in hand to show the IRS auditor. Andrew and Scott Allen EA spent 2 hours together before they ever met with the new auditor in preparation that they had all our “ducks in a row”.  When they finally had their meeting it was over in less then an hour.  The IRS auditor could clearly understand his organized documentation and receipts.  Scott Allen EA tell this one advice to anyone who calls telling him they have been audited, “The success of an audit it not in front of the auditor; it is always in the preparation beforehand”.  You can never be too prepared.  In the preparation your worry and fear will go away.

IRS audit Reconsideration is a very effective strategy when you had a failed audit.  But, if it failed due to you not responding to the audit or you didn’t provide all your records to the IRS auditor at the time of the audit.  Audit Reconsideration gives you one last opportunity to open up the file again.  Its not a quick fix though.  Phoenix AZ IRS audit reconsideration can take up to a year to re-open. To determine if you are a good candidate for audit reconsideration call and speak with Scott Allen EA in Arizona today.

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