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Gilbert, AZ IRS Tax Attorney verses Tax Debt Advisors, Inc.

Working with a Gilbert, AZ IRS Tax Attorney versus Scott Allen E. A. on your IRS problem

  • With an IRS Tax Attorney in Gilbert, AZ you are unlikely to get a call back whether you have paid his/her fee or not—UNFORTUNATELY EVEN THE ONES WE WILL REFER YOU TO, IF NECESSARY (tax bankruptcy), ARE NOT THAT GOOD AT STAYING IN CONTACT OR SPEAKING YOUR LANGUAGE INSTEAD OF COMPLICATED LEGAL TERMS.
  • Scott Allen, E.A. will answer your phone call.  If he is tied up he will return your call that day, usually within 30-60 minutes, and on serious matters will interrupt his current appointment and take your call.  You will understand what he is saying and feel confident that he understands your concerns—AND YOU WON’T FEEL RUSHED WITH AN, “OKAY?” AFTER EVERY SENTENCE.
  • Remember that if your Gilbert, AZ IRS Tax Attorney is unresponsive to you, they will be even less responsive to the demands of the IRS –AND THAT WILL COST YOU BIG TIME IN FEES YOU WILL PAY THE GILBERT ARIZONA IRS TAX ATTORNEY AND THE ULTIMATE AMOUNT YOU WILL END UP PAYING THE IRS.

The best part about using the services of Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. is that we are a Gilbert tax service that is open 5 days a week all 12 months out of the year.  Once we resolve a client’s tax problem they have gained confidence in our work and want to stick with us for their yearly tax preparation needs.  We know what got them into the mess and we know how to prevent it in the future.  If clients follow through with our advice they never get back in to IRS tax trouble again.  We have one office and one phone number.  You will always know where and how to get a hold of us. Does your Gilbert, AZ IRS Tax Attorney offer this same service and security to you?  The answer is clear.   Call Scott Allen E.A. today and get clear answers to your questions in a timely manner.  Scott can be reached at 480-926-9300.

Sometimes the best way to help resolve an IRS debt is through penalty abatement if you qualify. Scott Allen E.A. was about to save Tom $13,000 in penalties. View the approved penalty abatement letter below.

                                                Gilbert, AZ IRS Tax Attorney


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Do I Need a Gilbert AZ Tax Attorney if I get an IRS Notice of Deficiency?

Gilbert AZ Tax Attorney for back taxes?

Before we begin let me just say that today can be a great day for you!

First, this is not a legal matter and does not need the attention of a Gilbert AZ Tax Attorney.  The IRS Notice of Deficiency is also known as a “90 day letter.”  You will have to either file a corrected return and if that return is not assessed within 90 days, a petition with the tax court needs to be filed.  The tax court will refer your petition to the local Appeals Office.  It may take several weeks before the Appeals Office will contact you or your IRS representative (hopefully Scott Allen, E.A.) and either accept the return that was filed or request documentation of certain items on the return.  In most cases the returns are accepted as filed.

This process can be a little tricky and is one you should use an IRS professional such as Scott Allen E.A.  Scott will prepare the return and file the U.S. Tax Court Petition.  He will also take over when the Appeals Officer calls to approve the return as filed or provide documentation that may be requested.  Scott Allen E.A. is available for a free consultation at 480-926-9300.

If you live and or work in the Gilbert Arizona area, don’t make a mistake or delay the process.  Scott is usually available to meet with you within 24-48 hours on most cases.  In meeting with me you will be able to compare the difference in my services verses the services of a Gilbert AZ Tax Attorney.

Recent success story without needing a Gilbert AZ Tax Attorney

Kurt met with Scott because the IRS was sending him outrageous bills in the mail for back taxes owed for 2012. However, he never filed a 2012 return so how could he owe them over $26,000? Scott Allen EA was about to investigate the matter and discovered that the IRS filed an SFR return in his behalf and a protest tax return needed to be filed for it immediately.  Scott Allen E.A. did exactly that! By filing a corrected tax return Kurt’s tax bill was reduced by $18,000. Don’t settle or be afraid to challenge the IRS as they are not always right. Know your rights and speak with Scott today.

Gilbert AZ Tax Attorney



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Gilbert AZ IRS tax attorney or not?

Do I need a Gilbert AZ IRS tax attorney for my IRS problem?

Reading this blog will be a win-win situation for you.  First, you do not need a Gilbert AZ IRS tax attorney to settle your IRS debt.  Second, Tax Debt Advisors, Inc is not a law firm.  They are a tax firm that specializes in unfiled back tax returns and negotiating IRS debts.  Scott Allen EA will always share this one analogy: Your tax problem is not a “DUI hit and run”, it is a “delinquent parking ticket”.  Just as you wouldn’t find the need to hire an attorney for your parking ticket, you do not need to hire one for your back tax debt problem.  Using the services of Tax Debt Advisors, Inc will result in fees 25%-400% less then what an attorney would charge you to do the same work.

View the IRS notice attached to see what Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors, Inc was able to negotiate for his client, Mary.


Gilbert AZ IRS tax attorney

Gilbert AZ IRS tax attorney

Mary was going through a very difficult time when she first came in to meet with Scott Allen, EA.  She was newly divorced and had discovered that she was entangled in an IRS nightmare that her ex-husband left her to deal with.  As you can see by the notice she was behind on several back tax returns that needed to be filed with the IRS.  She didn’t know how to where to make quarterly estimated tax payments.  And, the IRS was threatening to place a levy on her only source of income.

Scott Allen EA was able to get Power of Attorney representation for Mary and put a stop to all enforcement action by the IRS. Year by year they went through the tax preparation process beginning with 2008.  They were able to get her caught up all the way through the 2014 tax return.  Along with that, Mary is also caught up on her estimated tax payment requirement for 2015.  Surprisingly, she is actually looking forward to preparing and filing her 2015 tax return as she knows she does not have to write them a big check April 15th.  This is the most important and critical step with the IRS.  If they see you making estimated tax payments they can tell that you are trying to correct the matter.  Without that being done a settlement for Mary either might not have been possible or she wouldn’t have gotten as good of a result.

Just the other day Mary called with excitement to let Scott Allen EA know she made the January 28th monthly payment on time and online!  She settled her IRS debt on a $249/month payment plan and could not be more relieved knowing the IRS isn’t going to zap her wages or bank account.


Gilbert AZ IRS Tax Attorney needed?

2020 Case Update:

Scott Allen EA is continuing to resolve IRS matters without the need of a Gilbert AZ IRS Tax Attorney.  View the notice below to see another successful resolution for his client Robert. Scott Allen EA will go over ALL available options with you, reviewing the pros and cons to each before negotiating an aggressive agreement with the IRS.

Gilbert AZ IRS Tax Attorney

What if your financial situation changes with the IRS and can no longer afford the payment agreement that was set up? The IRS will work with you. It may require an update of financials to prove your current financial status and how it has changed. Upon qualifying, the IRS will modify your agreement. The key to success with the IRS is to be proactive with them rather then reactive.

If you would like to set up a consultation appointment with Scott Allen EA call our office today at 480-926-9300.


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Enrolled Agent vs Gilbert AZ IRS Tax Attorney

Gilbert AZ IRS Tax Attorney or E.A. for IRS Resolution?

Instead of a Gilbert AZ IRS tax attorney, Brian used Enrolled Agent Scott Allen to resolve his tax debt. Tax Debt Advisors, Inc is a tax practice specializing in filing back tax returns and settling IRS debts and have been doing it since 1977.  Scott Allen EA took over the family business from his father in 2006 and had been operating it fully ever since. Brian came in a met with Scott and reviewed his situation with him.  Brian had five years of back tax returns to prepare.  Scott reviewed with him the three step process to get a successful resolution.

First, Brain gave Scott Allen EA power of attorney to represent him before the IRS. With this he communicated with the IRS up front to analyze fully the situation at hand. Second, the five unfiled tax returns were prepared. And lastly, as you can see below a settlement was negotiated on the outstanding IRS debt. After all the tax returns were prepared Brian owed the IRS less then $25,000.  They were able to establish a payment plan with the IRS and prevent them from filing a federal tax lien. All of this work from start to finish was handled by a family owned company headed up by Scott Allen EA (Enrolled Agent).

Gilbert AZ IRS Tax Attorney

Gilbert AZ IRS Tax Attorney

Nothing in this process was of a criminal nature requiring Brian to go and hire an expensive Gilbert AZ IRS tax attorney.  He was simply delinquent. All delinquent IRS accounts can be resolved by a licensed Enrolled Agent with day-to-day experience in “fighting the IRS”.  This is exactly what Scott does and can do for you. Meet with him today to find out if he is the right Enrolled Agent for you.

Thank you for taking time to read our IRS Help Blog.


December 2018 New Case Settlement

What can be done with an IRS debt of nearly $100,000? With an Enrolled Agent you can get it uncollectible. Yes, that is right. David owes the IRS $98,000 but does not have to make any payments on that debt. Scott Allen EA negotiated a uncollectible status. See the approved agreement below. The best part about this agreement is about half of the debt expires in less then two years. Many people don’t know IRS debts have a statute of limitations but they do.

Gilbert AZ IRS Tax Attorney

If you have unfiled tax returns with the IRS or owe more then you can pay back (rather then paying an expensive Gilbert AZ IRS tax attorney) meet with Scott Allen EA. He will sit down with you for a free initial consultation to address your situation. Every client’s case is different but you deserve to get the best possible settlement allowable by law. Do not delay any longer. Call Scott!

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Do I need an AZ Gilbert IRS Tax Attorney for IRS Tax Settlement?

No, IRS tax settlement is not a legal matter.  You do not need an IRS Tax Attorney in Gilbert AZ.

What you need is someone who is local that you can meet with face to face that you have confidence will keep their commitments to YOU.  Scott Allen E.A. is your best choice for getting an IRS tax settlement that meets your expectations.   This will be evident during your free consultation with Scott.  He can be reached at 480-926-9300.  When you come to your first appointment, it is important that you bring all notices you have received from the IRS.  If you are married, you should attend your initial meeting with both spouses present.  There are important facts as well as questions that each spouse wants answers to.  It takes two spouses involved in the process to achieve the results both are expecting and able to comply with.  Reducing your tax debt on delinquent tax returns as well as the associated interest and penalties requires input from both spouses.   Take action today.  Each day you delay taking action will only make your IRS tax problem worse.  Call Scott Allen E.A. (near Gilbert Arizona) and Scott will make today a great day for you!


July 2018 update:

Sometimes facing an IRS debt is difficult to face. Taxpayers continue to put it off month after month. When this happens a lien, levy or garnishment can happen. For Jesse that is exactly what happened. The IRS issued a notice of levy to his employer demanding payment for back taxes owed. Scott Allen EA was able to successfully negotiate a release of that levy. Scott is often asked if he is a Gilbert AZ IRS tax attorney. The answer is no and more than likely a tax attorney is not necessary. Speak with Scott Allen EA today to learn more about his services.


Below is a copy of the release of levy on Jesse’s wages that was accomplished by Tax Debt Advisors, Inc.

Don’t need a Gilbert AZ IRS Tax Attorney to do this

Written by Scott Allen

Suggestions for Happy Living Despite Having an IRS Problem, Part 1

Gilbert AZ IRS Tax Problem

  • Look for the good in people and in your surroundings.  Avoid being a fault-finder.
  • Don’t dwell on disappointments.
  • Take time to smell the flowers; don’t be in such a hurry to get somewhere: that you miss the moments of happiness along the way.
  • Consider the importance of being happy now.  Recognize each day as a new opportunity for happiness, regardless of what may have occurred the previous day.
  • Surround yourself with happy reminders of the good and beautiful; pictures of loved ones, uplifting music, books and paintings, and mementos of happy experiences.

There are several options available to settle your Gilbert Arizona IRS tax debt.  Each settlement options has pros and cons—something good about it as wells as something not so good.  However, one is always better that the rest and is usually quite obvious once the facts have been presented to you without prejudice towards any one IRS solution.  That is why Scott Allen E.A. should be your choice when confronted with a serious Gilbert AZ IRS problem or IRS audit.  Call 480-926-9300 to schedule your free initial consultation.

Scott Allen E.A. has witnessed the success of his family’s IRS resolution practice first hand and is carrying on the tradition to the second generation.  Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. has been helping individuals like you with IRS audit and debt problems since 1977.  You will only work with Scott Allen E.A. from start to finish.  Scott is licensed to represent you before the IRS in all 50 states.  He will only take your case if it is in your best interest.  That is why our family business is enjoying its 45th year.  Scott Allen E.A. promises straight answers and follow through service and guarantees the most aggressive Gilbert AZ tax preparation and IRS settlements allowed by law.  Call Scott to schedule your free initial consultation at 480-926-9300.  He will make today a great day for you!  For more information go to Stop IRS Action.com.


Written by Scott Allen

Who do you call when you need Gilbert Arizona Tax Debt Reduction

Gilbert Arizona Tax Debt Reduction

Tax debt reduction in Gilbert AZ is a reality but only when you are able to file and full pay on time your current taxes.  Often clients will seek tax debt reduction but have not developed their “tax muscles” sufficiently to stay current.  All settlements with the IRS will be voided out if you do not continue to file and full pay on time.  Anyone can get in trouble with the IRS—there are situations in life that cannot be avoided.  But it is another matter to be able to break the cycle of getting back in trouble.  IRS statistics show that almost 80% of installment arrangements are voided out due to non-compliance with filing and paying on time within the first year.

Scott Allen E.A. has the expertise to not only get you the best settlement allowed by law but also to help you get back into compliance and stay there.  Scott offers a free consultation for Gilbert AZ taxpayers and can be reached at 480-926-9300.  He will make your appointment worth your time and be ready to discuss your possible Gilbert Arizona Tax Debt Reduction.  Come prepared with all recent IRS notices and Scott will put your mind at ease.


Written by Scott Allen

Successful IRS Offer in Compromise requires professional assistance from Tax Debt Advisors

Gilbert AZ Offer in Compromise

A Gilbert AZ Offer in Compromise is a challenging process.  Most successful Offers require professional assistance.  Not because the forms are that difficult but due to the time and attention it takes to keep your Offer flowing through the IRS system.  Most rejected Offers are lost in the process or when transferred to the next person assigned to your case.  The other problem is that so many Offers are rejected due to errors or incomplete information that it is easier for the IRS to find something wrong with your Offer and reject it than to process the paper work.  When the IRS does contact the taxpayer for information, the deadlines are very tight to respond.  Any deadline missed will result in a rejected Offer.

Tax Debt Advisors near Gilbert Arizona has the experience and expertise to monitor your Gilbert AZ Offer in Compromise from start to finish.  If you would like a free Gilbert AZ initial consultation regarding an Offer in Compromise, call 480-926-9300 today.


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Do I Need a Gilbert AZ IRS Tax Attorney For Trust Fund Recovery Penalties?

Trust Fund and Gilbert AZ IRS Tax Attorney

The IRS is very aggressive in trying to collect on Trust Funds associated with payroll taxes withheld from employee’s paychecks.  However, this is not a legal matter and is not considered a criminal act and does not require the services of an Gilbert AZ IRS Tax Attorney.  Most employers that do not pay in their payroll tax withholdings are struggling with their business and try to keep the business afloat by “borrowing” these funds with the intent to pay them back at a later date when business improves.

Unfortunately most businesses do not improve enough to pay the taxes with the penalties added.  When the business closes, these taxes are eventually reassigned over to the individual(s) responsible for paying the taxes.  This will include the owners and anyone associated with payment of taxes.

There are two areas of IRS representation work that may be needed with regard to Trust Fund Recovery Penalties.  If you feel that the IRS is unjustified in targeting you for payment of the taxes and penalties, we are able to evaluate your responsibility or lack thereof.  This is usually a black and white matter, but the IRS takes a “shot gun” approach and tries to include as many people without really knowing who is truly responsible.

The second area is making a settlement with the IRS if you are in fact responsible for the payment of the tax and penalties.  There are several options available to settle with the IRS for less than the amount owed, depending on your financial ability to pay.

Scott Allen E.A. of Gilbert and Mesa AZ has expertise in both areas dealing with Trust Fund Recovery Penalties.  Call Scott today and schedule a free consultation at 480-926-9300 to get an evaluation of what your options are.  Scott Allen E.A. will put your mind at ease knowing that you are facing this serious IRS problem with a professional who has successfully negotiated many favorable settlements with the IRS on Trust Fund Recovery Penalties.  Please call Scott for a honest second opinion if you are determined to think you need a Gilbert AZ IRS Tax Attorney for IRS Trust Fund Recovery Penalties.

Thank you.


Written by Scott Allen

My IRS Debt Keeps Going Up. Do I Need an IRS Tax Attorney (Gilbert, AZ)?

IRS Tax Attorney Gilbert AZ

Tax clients think that they will have to pay on their tax debt until their last breath.  IRS tax debts have a statute of limitations.  In other words there is a date when the tax debt will go away.  This is called the Collection Statute Expiration Date.  On this date your tax debt goes away.  Generally the IRS has 10 years from the date of assessment to collect the tax due.  You do not need to take any legal action thru a Gilbert AZ IRS Tax Attorney to get this information.  There are also many tax settlement options that can reduce or eliminate the tax debt before the statute runs out.

To evaluate your options, contact Scott Allen E.A. with Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. for a free consultation at 480-926-9300 to see where you stand.  You may find that you can move forward in your life much sooner than you previously thought.

The most important thing to remember in letting your IRS debt expire is to file and full pay your current and future taxes on time.  As a tax professional Scott can file any and all tax returns to keep the IRS off your back until your IRS debts expire.  An IRS Tax Attorney Gilbert AZ typically isn’t the best option for tax preparation as their line of work is on legal matters.



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