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Many IRS Problems can be confusing because you don’t always get the most accurate information from the IRS. Furthermore, most people who pay taxes don’t feel comfortable calling the IRS directly for answers. View the IRS problems we specialize in solving below.


Payroll Tax Problems

The IRS can be aggressive with their attempts to collect your past due payroll taxes. You should try to avoid meeting with IRS representatives until you have met with a experienced tax professional first.

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IRS Liens

Tax liens are records that document your owing of the IRS> These can prevent you from obtaining financing for homes and automobiles. One a IRS lien has been filed, you cannot transfer or sell the property without obtaining a clear title.

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IRS Levy

The IRS has the power to issue bank levy’s to take money from your checking and savings accounts. Faced with a IRS levy? You must comply or face further IRS problems. Avoid levies and let a professional talk to the IRS for you!

Wage IRS levies can take money from your paycheck that makes it tough to live on. Stop IRS levy now!

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IRS Audits

You can get audited by the IRS via office, home or in the mail. Usually audits happen because the IRS is missing documents. For example if you claim your children on your tax return as a dependent, the IRS could randomly audit you to verify the children live with you in the home.

IRS audits are serious and should be taken as such as they can often lead to auditing other tax years that weren’t originally listed in the tax letter from the IRS.

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IRS Seizures

The IRS can seize your assets. They can seize business or personal assets to pay off your tax liabilities. This can occur when certain taxpayers avoid the IRS. IRS seizure is the last attempt to collect past due tax liabilities.

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Wage Garnishment

The IRS can slap a wage garnishment on your paycheck to collect unpaid taxes. One garnishment takes place, the IRS can keep taking money out of your check until they are paid in full.

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Unfiled Tax Returns

Haven’t paid your taxes in a couple of years? Do you know that is considered a criminal act by the IRS, that can be punishable for up to 1 year in jail for each year your didn’t file taxes.

You can still file those tax returns, no matter how many years it has been. Call a professional like Scott A Allen to guide you through the process.

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IRS Penalties

IRS penalties such as failure to pay or failure to file can increase the amount of money you own to the IRS quickly.

Before you pay the IRS one single dollar, you might want to think about requestion abatement of your penalties. Call Scott Allen for more information about IRS abatement.

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Local IRS offices in California: IRS help from Tax Debt Advisors, Inc

Are you in need of locating the most convenient IRS office?  Below is a list of all IRS office addresses and phone numbers in California. For other local IRS office locations click here.

Bakersfield IRS Office:  4825 Coffee Rd #200  Bakersfield, CA  93308  Phone:  844-545-5640

Camarillo IRS Office:  751 Daily Dr  Camarillo, CA  93010  Phone:  844-545-5640

Carpinteria IRS Office:  1145 Eugenia Pl #201 Carpinteria, CA 93013  Phone:  844-545-5640

El Centro IRS Office:  2345 S Second St  El Centro, CA  92243  Phone:  844-545-5640

El Monte IRS Office:  9350 East Flair Dr  El Monte, CA  91731  Phone:  844-545-5640

Fresno IRS Office:  2525 Capitol St  Fresno, CA  93721  Phone:  844-545-5640

Laguna Niguel IRS Office:  24000 Avila Rd  Laguna Niguel, CA  90802  Phone:  844-545-5640

Long Beach IRS Office:  501 W Ocean Blvd  Long Beach, CA  90802  Phone:  844-545-5640

Los Angeles IRS Office:  300 N Los Angeles St #1259  Los Angeles, CA  90012  Phone:  844-545-5640

Modesto IRS Office:  1700 Standiford Ave Modesto, CA 95350  Phone:  844-545-5640

Oakland IRS Office:  1301 Clay St  Oakland, CA  94612  Phone:  844-545-5640

Palm Springs IRS Office:  556 S Paseo Dorotea  Palm Springs, CA  92264  Phone:  844-545-5640

Redding IRS Office:  850 Industrial St  Redding, CA  96002  Phone:  844-545-5640

Sacramento IRS Office:  4330 Watt Ave  Sacramento, CA  95821  Phone:  844-545-5640

Salinas IRS Office:  928 East Blanco Rd #121  Salinas, CA  93901  Phone:  844-545-5640

San Bernardino IRS Office:  290 North D St  San Bernardino, CA  92401  Phone:  844-545-5640

San Diego IRS Office:  880 Front St  San Diego, CA  92101  Phone:  844-545-5640

San Francisco IRS Office:  450 Golden Gate Ave  San Francisco, CA  94102  Phone:  844-545-5640

San Jose IRS Office:  55 S Market St #100  San Jose, CA  95113  Phone:  844-545-5640

San Marcos IRS Office:  1 Civic Center Dr  San Marcos, CA  92069  Phone:  844-545-5640

Santa Ana IRS Office:  801 Civic Center Dr W  Santa Ana, CA  92701  Phone:  844-545-5640

Santa Barbara IRS Office:  1332 Anacapa St  Santa Barbara, CA  93101  Phone:  844-545-5640

Santa Maria IRS Office:  2384 Professional Parkway  Santa Maria, CA  93455  Phone:  844-545-5640

Santa Rosa IRS Office:  777 Sonoma Ave  Santa Rosa, CA  95404  Phone:  844-545-5640

Stockton IRS Office:  4643 Quail Lakes Dr  Stockton, CA  95207  Phone:  844-545-5640

Van Nuys IRS Office:  6230 Van Nuys Blvd  Van Nuys, CA  91401  Phone:  844-545-5640

Visalia IRS Office:  5300 W Tulare St  Visalia, CA  93277  Phone:  844-545-5640

Walmut Creek IRS Office:  185 Lennon Ln  Walnut Creek, CA  94598  Phone:  844-545-5640

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Can I adjust my monthly payment plan with the IRS?

Monthly Payment Plan with the IRS

The answer is yes.  If you want to send in more, just send the addition amount you want to  send.  The IRS will always accept more and will not adjust your monthly requirement just because you start paying more.  However, remember that no matter how much you send in, you still have to pay the minimal amount due each month.  You do not build up any “credit” towards future payments by sending in more.

If you situation has changed and you want to lower your monthly payment plan with the IRS commitment.  That is possible too, but it will require a “strategic default.”  Before you default on making your payment, you should have a good idea what your new monthly amount the IRS will expect.  We advise our clients what their new amount will be ahead of the strategic default.  When the default notice comes, we are prepared ahead of time to immediately call the IRS and renegotiate a new payment plan before any levy action is taken against our client’s wages or bank accounts.

There are probably other strategies that you are unaware of that can reduce you monthly payment plan even lower that what you are seeking.  If you do not have medical insurance or need a new vehicle you can get your payment plan reduced and improve you living standards as well.  If you need help to reduce your monthly payment plan with the IRS, call me for a consultation at 480-926-9300.

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I got a letter from the IRS – HELP !

When clients come into their initial appointment and I ask them if they have received any correspondence from the IRS, they usually hand me a stack of letters that have never been opened.  I call this the “Pandora” letter syndrome—“If I don’t open it then the bad stuff inside can’t hurt me.”

The reality is that  unopened IRS letters can and will hurt you.  When you receive a letter from the IRS, there is adequate time to deal with the problem in most cases.  Requests for extension of time to deal with the matter are relatively easy to obtain as long as deadlines have not been missed or past promises for action not kept.

Most letters are requesting some action or information on your part.  There is a deadline involved.  If you provide the information requested within the deadline period, you will have developed a rapport with the IRS that will greatly improve your ability to move on to the next step in the process with more latitude.

The important thing is to not make promises you know you can’t keep.  Promise a little less that what you know you can do and then over perform.  IRS agents rarely get more from taxpayers than what they expect.  When they do, it is almost like you get forgotten.  Agents have so many people making every effort to avoid them that those who are following through are given much better treatment.  Don’t get me wrong, they will still expect you to pay back the taxes owed if you have the ability to do so, but the process to get to an agreed upon settlement that you can live with are much better.

So gather up those letters and come in.  I have the best damn letter opener in Arizona.  Together we can come up with a plan that will resolve your IRS matter.  You have nothing to lose if you come in and have almost everything to lose if you don’t open those letters.  Take the leap of faith and schedule your free one hour consultation today.

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