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Stop IRS Action help in Mesa AZ

This phase can mean many things for different IRS problems.  If your wages are being levied, you want the IRS to stop taking your money from you wages.  If your bank account is being levied, you want that to stop or the money to be returned.  If you have a tax lien filed by the IRS you want your credit to be restored by having the lien removed.  If you have assets that under threat of being seized, you want to be able to sleep tonight knowing that the IRS has stopped seizure action.

The list could go on and on and a blog on this subject can only give you some general guidelines to follow.  If you want a specific course of action, schedule a free one hour consultation to find out exactly what needs to be done to Stop IRS Action.   This is more involved than it appears.  For instance if you own more than $25,000 to the IRS, there is much more work needed to get a monthly installment arrangement than if you owe less than $25,000.  And if you owe more than $100,000, the IRS will expect a few more hoops to jump through before giving you an agreement.

Here are some actions that will be necessary to Stop IRS action in Mesa AZ regardless of your problem:

First, make sure that all tax returns have been filed.  The IRS will require you to be in compliance before action can be stopped.  If the IRS filed a tax return for you, have a professional review it to see if filing a correct return would bring the balance owed down.  This first step is to first reduce the liability before trying to reach a settlement with the IRS.

Second, compliance also means that you are currently having the right amount taken out of your pay check if you are an employee or you are current on payment of your estimated taxes if you are self employed.

Third, make sure you have a representative who understands how to posture your finances before providing financial information to the IRS.  This may mean getting medical insurance or an automobile before negotiations begin.  Afterwards, the amount of money left over after your settlement might now allow for these type of purchases to be made once you are locked in with the IRS.

Fourth, know all of your options to settle with the IRS.  That means understanding the pros and cons of each option.  Make sure you evaluate all the options at the same time.  If you are married, whether your spouse is responsible for the tax debt or not, be a part of the decision process.  What ever affects you affects your spouse indirectly.  Especially if it pertains to money and finances.

Finally, get some professional help to stop IRS action in Mesa AZ.  The IRS personnel are not bad people.  But they are trained bill collectors and are not there to make you knowledgeable of your options that can make your settlement easier for you.

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Written by Scott Allen


What if you have an IRS Problem in Mesa AZ

Owing the IRS money sometimes cannot be avoided but avoiding a crisis because you owe the IRS is always possible.  Just making the decision to face the IRS problem and take the first step is literally half the battle.  I have heard many times, “If I knew it was going to be this easy, I could have avoided a lot of stress and sleepless nights.”

Even the IRS knows that they may never collect all the back taxes you owe, and are willing to agree to a settlement that acknowledges that fact, conditioned upon your commitment and willingness to stay current on taxes in the future.  Keep in mind though that if you have the ability to pay your back taxes in full, the IRS will not let you off the “hook.”

The psychological challenge with paying back taxes is that we trick ourselves into thinking that we are paying for something without getting something in return.  In a very real sense that is true.  When you finish paying your car loan or mortgage you have a car or home to show for your efforts.  Paying taxes is the price we pay for living in a relatively benevolent democracy.  It is easy to take for granted the roads and military benefits we receive but still we have nothing tangible in our hands.  We all have disagreements politically with how our tax dollars are spent and that can sometimes be the mental block we all have to overcome—even those who are current and pay their fair share of taxes each year.

The simple fact remains that death and taxes are something we just can’t escape.  The financial, emotional, physical costs of having an IRS debt always hanging over our heads is simply just not worth it.  Carrying this burden around with us 24/7 is like having a 50 or a 100 pound weight always on our back.  The true benefits of having your tax matter behind you cannot be fully appreciated until it is gone.  Food will taste better, your ability to move forward financially is greatly improved, family relationships become more meaningful, your ability to enjoy activities that use to be fun returns, and best of all you can think more clearly.

Take a moment to consider the psychological benefits of getting your IRS problems behind you.  Make the decision today to call for a consultation to see exactly what you need to do to make this a reality in your life.

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