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What option to settle IRS debt Mesa AZ ?

What option might you qualify for to settle IRS debt Mesa AZ

Far too often delinquent taxpayers have “tunnel vision” and only focus on one solution to settle IRS debt Mesa AZ.  It will be very difficult to get a realistic resolution with this type of attitude. With Tax Debt Advisors, Inc you will be introduced to the many different available options right up front.

Brent came in to meet with Tax Debt Advisors, Inc wanting to settle his IRS debt in an Offer in Compromise. He see’s it advertised on the TV and radio daily and knew he must do that. However, during a consultation with Scott Allen EA he learned the real truths about an Offer in Compromise and found out at this time he isnt going to qualify. Brent needed to negotiate a payment plan.  That is exactly what Tax Debt Advisors, Inc did for him.  After that process was complete penalty abatement was applied for as well. Guess what? The IRS accepted penalty relief on his 2009 tax return. That is a tax return with a due date over seven years ago. This IRS penalty abatement request saved Brent over $6,200 in IRS debt.

Settle IRS Debt Mesa AZ

Settle IRS Debt Mesa AZ

As Scott Allen EA likes to explain to his clients, “you need to pick the right battles with the IRS”.  This is a true statement. A proper representative will advise you upfront and honestly on all available options AND know what will and will not be successful before ever getting started.  The average cost to hire a tax professional to negotiate an offer in compromise is about $3,500 and takes 12-18 months.  Had Brent gone down that road blindly in “tunnel vision” he would have seen his Offer in Compromise denied, more interest and penalties accruing, 12 months of stress, and been out $3,500 in professional fees.

Don’t let that be the scenario for you. Find out the right option from the very first appointment with Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. Call today and schedule a free initial consultation.

Written by Scott Allen

Gilbert AZ IRS Offer in Compromise

Settle over $55,000 of IRS debt in a Gilbert AZ IRS Offer in Compromise

Applying for a Gilbert AZ IRS Offer in Compromise is one of several different options to settle a debt with the IRS. Anthony came in to meet with Scott Allen EA to discuss all available options. You can read more on those settlement options by clicking here. Anthony first needed to get himself into compliance. There are two key components to compliance. First, all tax returns need to be filed. The IRS will throw out any settlement if this is not done. Also, only you do one settlement for all IRS debt. Second, to offer up a settlement with the IRS you have to have proper withholdings if you are an employee or be making quarterly estimated tax payments if you are self employed. Anthony is self employed so we set him up on making those estimated tax payments.

After these steps an evaluation was done on his current financial status. Everything was looked at from his income and expenses along with his debts and assets.  It was determined that he could be a strong candidate for an offer in compromise. This is actually rare because most people that have an IRS debt are not a candidate for several reasons. Common reasons for not qualifying for an offer include too high of household income, too many assets, or “luxury” expenses being paid out.

The application process was started, information was compiled, and an offer was proposed.  The Gilbert AZ IRS offer in compromise was submitted for $2,172.00. Yes, that is a settlement of about 4 cents on the dollar. The offer was submitted in May 2016 and accepted by the Internal Revenue Service August 2017.  It is the norm to have offer in compromises’s take 12-18 months to be approved.  View Anthony’s acceptance letter below. Congratulations Anthony!

Gilbert AZ IRS Offer in Compromise

Gilbert AZ IRS Offer in Compromise

If you are ready to resolve your IRS debt contact Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors so he can explore and find the right solution for you. He will meet with you for a free consultation.  He will make today a great day for you.

Written by Scott Allen

10 Things to Remember When You Owe the IRS

10 Things To Remember When You Owe The IRS

The Restructuring and Reform Bill of 1998 for the IRS was a law that really put respect for the taxpayers back into the system. It forces the IRS to actually communicate with the public and grant due process rights to the taxpayers.

Below are 10 things to remember when you owe the IRS

When the IRS comes to collect, eventually you will have to face the music. If you begin to play games with a tax collector, the system has been designed to make your life horrible. Below are some important things to remember when you owe the IRS:

1. Don’t Ignore the IRS notices.

Most people will get into more trouble than bargained for just because they ignored the notices from the IRS. Some IRS notices are sent through certified mail, if you believe that you can ignore the notices by not going to pick them up, then you are wrong. Respond to the IRS each time.

2. The IRS has to explain your rights during your IRS interview.

The IRS Collection Process that was revised in 2015 states that you have the right to be represented and you have the right to be treated in a courteous and professional manner. If you don’t like how you are being treated, then you can stop that interview and ask to talk to a supervisor.

3. Before going to the IRS, spend time with a tax expert or accountant

This may be the best time that you have spent in a while. An expert will let you know how you could prepare to meet for a tax interview, how you should act, and make you aware when a revenue officer is trying to take advantage of you. Just remember the Revenue officers job is to collect money for the government. Furthermore, hiring professional bookkeeping and accounting services can help you avoid ever having problems with the IRS in the first place.

4. Never go to the IRS alone.

Collection interviews aren’t fun and you need representation. Chances are that you will have better results if you have representation.

5. The IRS isn’t Infallible.

The IRS was actually audited by the General Accounting Office and it looks like the IRS needs a bit of cleaning up. Often times, the IRS can’t track how much you actually owe, especially if you have been making regular payments. The IRS can make mistakes, so don’t take their word for everything.

6. You have due process.

The IRS can’t just take your home, bank account, business, car, or even do wage garnishes without making sure that they have given you a notice or an opportunity to challenge the IRS. When you challenge the IRS, everything stops.

You can take the IRS to court and they can’t collect until the judge makes a decision. You can tie their hands for years. The IRS isn’t going to tell you what to do or how you can protect yourself.

7. You are a possible innocent spouse.

Are you separated, widowed or divorced? Do you have tax issues that came from any former spouse? You may state yes, then you could get relief for being an innocent spouse. This could cause your whole tax bill being wrote off.  There are states that offer this as well.

8. If you don’t pay, you won’t go to jail.

No one will go to jail for owing taxes. You can go to jail for cheating on your taxes and you can go to jail for tricking a tax collector, but you can’t go to jail because you owe the IRS and your unable to pay.

9. You have options when you owe the IRS.

People who owe taxes whether to their state or the IRS, will have options. If you owe and can pay in full, then do so. However, if you can’t pay in full, 4 options may be for you:

  • Hardship suspension. This allows the IRS to temporarily leave you alone. Your account will be reviewed over time and even though the IRS leaves you alone, interest is accruing on the account is compounded daily.
  • Installment payments. The IRS will let you may monthly payments. The IRS will want the bill paid off in 3 years. You will need to fill out a financial statement and pursue a bank loan. Interest will accrue and is compounded daily.
  • It isn’t for everyone, but sometimes you could discharge your tax bill with Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Other chapters let you pay the bill off with monthly payments with no interest or little interest. Bankruptcy rules are complicated so talk to an attorney who understands tax and bankruptcy laws.
  • Offer in compromise. The IRS will accept the payment of a smaller sum for a large tax debt. Some states have similar procedures. If you do this and its accepted, all of your tax liens will be removed and you can start over. You need to talk to an attorney who specializes in tax laws.

10. Respect the tax collector power.

IRS tax collectors have more power than most in the federal government. They have very little rules. They can make life easy or miserable. Most success when dealing with a tax collector is done with communication in a prompt manner. They can do these items if you don’t pay your taxes:

  • Levy your bank account
  • Close your business
  • File a tax lien against you
  • Garnish your wages
  • Damage employment and business relationships
  • Seize and sell your home
  • Put you in a monthly payment plan that is too high
  • Assess you personally for corporate employment taxes
  • Go after third party transferees
  • Contact your friends, bankers, neighbors, and any relationship for business about tax liabilities.

Get started on your taxes with a free legal evaluation from Tax Debt Advisors

Tax Debt Advisors Mesa - Scott Allen

If you happen to owe taxes to the IRS and are unsure of how to pay it, you will want to have professional assistance. A tax debt advisor may help to find a plan that works for you and your budget, while making sure that proper procedures are followed. Start today by having your situation evaluated by a local tax expert for free. If you would like a free tax evaluation, Give Scott from Tax Debt Advisors a call today at 480-926-9300.

Our service area includes Phoenix East Valley Cities including: Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe and more.

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2017 Mesa IRS Offer in Compromise accepted

Is a Mesa IRS Offer in Compromise right for you?

Tax Debt Advisors just finished up a Mesa IRS Offer in Compromise for a client. View the acceptance letter below.

Mesa IRS Offer in Compromise

Mesa IRS Offer in Compromise

Mr. Morris came in about two years ago to meet with Scott Allen EA. He was behind on a couple years of tax returns. He was in a rut with a tax debt from a previous business gone bad.  Due to not being able to pay the payroll taxes the debt was transferred to him personally as civil penalties. In addition to the civil penalty debt there were also two years of 1040 tax debt. Upon a detailed evaluation of his tax matter it was determined that Mr. Morris qualified for a Mesa IRS Offer in Compromise. Before submitting the Offer he first had to get him into compliance with his tax filings.  It took over a year to complete and get it approved but it was approved.  The worst thing you can do is submit an offer in compromise if it does not have a chance to get accepted.  Meet with Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors to determine if you are a viable candidate to settle your IRS debt in a lump sum agreement. He will meet with you for a free initial consultation.


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Tax Attorney Phoenix

Tax Attorney Phoenix | Tax Debt Advisors

Looking for tax attorney services in Phoenix? Believe it or not, you don’t actually need a tax attorney to represent you before the IRS. Instead, why not hire a Tax Debt Advisor who has been helping customers dealing with tax issues since 1977, and has helped solve over 108,000 tax debts.

Scott Allen is a tax debt advisor that can help you solve multiple tax issues without ever needing to contact a tax lawyer. Scott is a enrolled agent (EA), that is licensed by the federal government to represent you as a tax payer before the IRS.

If you are facing an IRS bank levy or wage garnishment, an Enrolled Agent can help you solve these tax issues the same way a Phoenix tax attorney can.

Tax Attorney Services Provided By Our Enrolled Agents

Scott helps Phoenix residents solve a variety of tax issues including, but not limited to:


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Why You Should Hire An Enrolled Agent Vs. Hiring A Tax Attorney

View our most recent blog postWhen is a Phoenix AZ IRS tax attorney necessary and when isn’t it?

Your tax issues may not be as bad as you think – It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or tax lawyer to work with the IRS. Legal training is not necessary to handle most tax problems. Although, tax attorney will scare you into thinking the representation is necessary. Let Tax Debt Advisors help you solve your tax problems without the fear or the huge retainer fees.

To Get a Second Opinion – Most tax clients think they will get a higher quality service if they pay more money. However, that is not true. Tax attorney can charge up to 400% more money for the same service a tax debt advisor can perform. If you are already speaking with a tax attorney, get a second option as well. We offer free tax issue consultations.

Don’t Make A Decision Based On Fear – Do you think you need a tax attorney because you filed fraudulent tax returns, you might be disappointed. Tax lawyers generate income based off of fear. Most of our tax clients started with a tax attorney, only to find out that they try to intimidate you into thinking you have a bigger tax problem than you do. And, that’s almost always followed by a big retainer fee.

Free Tax Issue Consultations | Do You Really Need A Tax Attorney?

Tax Debt Advisors handled my tax issues, which included several years of tax returns with IRS issues. The back tax returns were processed quickly with no additional problems or delays. Scott managed every aspect of the IRS problem with ease. Thanks again Scott!” Stacy P

If you are worried about your tax problems and think you need a tax attorney, give us a call first. This is an important decision that requires the opinion of a highly skilled Enrolled Agent. Scott Allen EA can be that choice for you. You may not need legal representation for problems our tax debt advisors can help you solve for less money. To schedule you free tax consultation to find out if you actually need a Phoenix tax attorney or not, give us a call today at 480-926-9300.

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Phoenix AZ IRS Offer in Compromise

Completed and approved Phoenix AZ IRS Offer in Compromise

Congratulation to Michael on his successful Phoenix AZ IRS Offer in Compromise. The process took about 14 months from start to finish but when you can settle your $445,000 IRS debt for about $22,000 in total it would be considered a great day. That is the kind of day Michael had. The IRS will consider an Offer when the amount offered represents the most they can expect to collect within a reasonable period of time.  A reasonable period of time to the IRS varies in each individual case but its typically the remaining amount of time left to collect the debt. The IRS has a ten year period to collect a debt from when the tax return was filed.  Each tax year will have its own expiration date.  It important to understand that not everyone qualifies for an IRS offer and it may not be the best available option for everyone either.  What if Michael’s IRS debt was only 9 months away from expiring? Scott Allen EA would not have prepared and submitted an IRS offer. He would have negotiated a non collectible status or minimal payment plan and let the debt expire. It would have been a easier and cheaper option for him all around. Because Michael still had 7.5 years left remaining on his statute they elected to go the Phoenix AZ IRS Offer in Compromise route.

To see what an IRS Offer in Compromise acceptance letter looks like view the images below.

Phoenix AZ IRS Offer in Compromise

Phoenix AZ IRS Offer in Compromise

Phoenix AZ IRS Offer in Compromise

Phoenix AZ IRS Offer in Compromise

Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors is a family owned and operated business in the greater Phoenix area.  His tax practice specializes in the negotiation of IRS settlements whether it be a payment plan, non collectible status, offer in compromise, appeals and abatement, or qualifying for bankruptcy. Its important that the person you hire to be your power of attorney is comfortable with all these settlements and can properly advise and qualify you for one. To sit down with Scott Allen EA pick up your phone and schedule a consultation with him. He will make today a great day for you.

Written by Scott Allen

Mesa AZ IRS Offer in Compromise

View an accepted Mesa AZ IRS Offer in Compromise below

Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors successfully negotiated a Mesa AZ IRS Offer in Compromise for one of his clients. This client came in owing the IRS $334,340.83 for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, & 2014.  An Offer was submitted in August 2015 for $9,456.00 to settle the debt in full. That is about 2.8 cents on the dollar.  As required they submitted the offer with the 20% down payment of $1,891.20.  The remaining 80% is due upon acceptance.  View the two pages below showing Scott Allen EA as the taxpayer’s Power of Attorney and the IRS approving and accepting the Offer in Compromise submitted.

Mesa AZ IRS Offer in Compromise

Mesa AZ IRS Offer in Compromise

Mesa AZ IRS Offer in Compromise

Mesa AZ IRS Offer in Compromise

The most difficult part to an IRS Offer in Compromise is qualifying for it.  Taxpayers will come in and visit with Scott Allen EA thinking they can shop for an Offer with the IRS.  Contrary to advertisements on the TV, internet, and radio this isn’t the case.  Only about 2-3% of taxpayer are even a candidate to settle their debt through an Offer in Compromise (aka “fresh start program”).  This option is only one of the six different settlement options available to you.  Its important to understand and review all options before considering an Offer in Compromise.  After its been determined that you are in full compliance with the IRS and that you are a viable candidate for an IRS Offer then Tax Debt Advisors will take you down that road step by step.  They will only take on your case if it is in your best interest.  To get your IRS debt situation evaluated with Scott Allen EA give him a call today at 480-926-9300.  He will make today a great day for you.

Tax Debt Advisors, Inc is a local family owned and operated business since 1977.

Written by Scott Allen

Find out how you can settle IRS debt in Phoenix AZ

What ways can you settle IRS debt in Phoenix AZ?

Edward utilized currently non collectible status as his way to resolve his IRS debt.  By using the services of Scott Allen EA, Edward was able to stop all collection activity from the IRS, file his back tax returns, and aggressively negotiate a currently non collectible status.  View the document below to see the actual approval letter directly from the IRS.

Settle IRS Debt in Phoenix AZ

Settle IRS Debt in Phoenix AZ

Scott Allen EA meets with clients on a daily basis who want to settle IRS debt in Phoenix AZ.  They share, “Scott, I owe the IRS $30,000, I am paying $500 a month and this debt doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.  I just want to settle it”.

While it may seem at $500 a month your debt is not going anywhere; in actuality it is.  It is just going to take four or five years.  The IRS has 10 years to collect a debt from when the debt was assessed.  According to the IRS guidelines, if you can pay your IRS debt back within a reasonable period of time you are not going to see a reduction of that debt in most cases.  For those taxpayers that do, the program is called an offer in compromise.  If accepted, the IRS has determined that the taxpayer cannot pay off the debt within the remaining statute of limitations and they would be better off accepting a lump sum settlement today.  For those that qualify this is a fantastic deal.  Based upon recent statistics only about 3% of taxpayers qualify for this offer in compromise program.  For the other 97% of us, we are left with the rest of the settlement options available.  Scott Allen EA has successfully negotiated installment arrangements and currently non collectible status’s for the past 10 years.  Many clients have been able to qualify their taxes to be discharged in bankruptcy as well.

To be evaluated in ALL the ways to settle IRS debt in Phoenix AZ give Scott Allen EA a call today.  This is his niche and his expertise. He can be reached at 480-926-9300.

Thank you.

Written by Scott Allen

Scottsdale AZ IRS Debt Settlement complete

Tired of not seeing your Scottsdale AZ IRS debt settlement get done?

Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors provides actual and practical results for his Scottsdale AZ clients.  Below is just one recent example of one of his successes.

Scottsdale AZ IRS Debt Settlement

Scottsdale AZ IRS Debt Settlement

When he came in and met with Scott his taxes were a mess.  He was caught up in the real estate “boom and bust” and was behind on his taxes by over $500,000 for several years.  He had attempted an IRS offer in compromise on his own unsuccessfully.  After he brought Tax Debt Advisors on to represent him it was determined by a number of circumstances that he was not a viable candidate for a successful IRS offer in compromise.  But by strategically making a game plan the taxpayer was able to delay IRS collections long enough to allow time for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy to be filed and get $440,000 of the debt completely discharged thru a tax motivated bankruptcy.  Not many people even know personal taxes are dischargable, but yes they are!  It happens every week with Tax Debt Advisors.  After the bankruptcy was finalized and closed out Scott Allen EA negotiated a payment plan for the client of $1,000 a month, no tax lien to be filed, and no further reviews of his case as long as he remains in compliance. The difference a year can make.  By following the advice of Scott Allen EA this taxpayer was about to “settle” his IRS debt of $500,000 for only $60,000 by using two different settlement options of bankruptcy and installment arrangement.

This is just one example of when proper representation worked to the taxpayers advantage.  He thought the only way someone could resolve an IRS debt was through an offer in compromise.  It turns out that wasn’t the best option for him. Start being told the truth about IRS resolution work today.  Call and speak personally with Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors.

scottsdale az irs debt notice

Let Scott Allen EA rip up those IRS notices

Written by Scott Allen

Mesa AZ IRS payment plan accomplished

Tax Debt Advisors just accomplished a Mesa AZ IRS payment plan for their client, Stanley.  They were able to push the payment plan out to not start for about 60 days from the acceptance to allow the taxpayer ample time to prepare for the agreement.

Mesa AZ IRS payment plan

Mesa AZ IRS payment plan

Tax Debt Advisors is a tax debt resolution company that handles all sorts of IRS problems.  Many of those problems results in negotiating a Mesa AZ IRS payment plan.  You may be wondering why didn’t the client do an Offer in Compromise.  Statistics show that only about 3% of taxpayers with an IRS debt qualify for an Offer in Compromise.  Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors had evaluated the clients financial and determined ahead of time that that client would not qualify for an IRS offer.  They taxpayer’s income was too high and could afford to pay off his IRS debt within a reasonable period of time.  Because of that an IRS offer would never get accepted.  There is no reason to go down that route and expense of attempting an offer if  it can be discovered at the beginning that you are not a viable candidate.

Whatever the size of your IRS debt or if you have unfiled tax returns Scott Allen EA will be able to assist you from beginning to end.  Tax Debt Advisors has settled over 108,000 IRS debts since in 1977 many of those by the use to setting up a Mesa AZ IRS payment plan.  Don’t procrastinate getting the IRS off your back just like what Scott Allen EA did for Stanley.  He can do the same for you.  Set up that initial consultation with him today by calling 480-926-9300.

To learn more about the process to “settle up” with the IRS go to Scott Allen EA’s website about the IRS Settlement Process.



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