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Can’t pay off your IRS Tax Debt – Call Scott Allen, E.A.

Scott knows how frustrating it can be to make monthly payments and see your total tax liability stay the same or even increase.  This revelation usually doesn’t come until you no longer can pay your monthly commitment and look to see how much you still owe.  That is when you need to contact Scott Allen E.A.  You have other options.  Remember the IRS is basically a debt collection agency, not a debt advisement company.  Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. has been in business since 1977 resolving Goodyear AZ IRS tax debts.

Rather than go through all of these options and what the settlement would be under each one, just call Scott Allen E.A. and have a free initial consultation.  Scott can be reached at 480-926-9300.  Tax Debt Advisors near Goodyear AZ has settled over 102,000 IRS tax debts.  You deserve the peace of mind that being out of debt to the IRS brings.  Call today and Scott will make your appointment a great day for you!



Written by Scott Allen

For IRS Tax Debt Resolution work with Scott Allen E.A.

IRS tax debt resolution in Gilbert AZ may be the biggest hurdle you have experienced.  The most important decisions to make are: 1) do you need professional help, and 2) who you should choose to represent you if you do need help.  Scott Allen E.A. has the expertise and the commitment to you that you need.  Scott offers a free, face to face appointment near Gilbert AZ.  You will know before you leave what you need to do next and have the trust that Scott Allen E.A. should be your choice to represent you to resolve your IRS tax liability.  If you need tax preparation of delinquent tax returns, Scott guarantees the most aggressive tax preparation allowed by law.  Scott can be reached at 480-926-9300.  He will make your appointment a great day for you!



Written by Scott Allen

Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. negotiates settlements on your Arizona IRS Problems

If you have received written notification from the IRS that you owe on your taxes you need professional help.  Ignoring IRS correspondence will lead to IRS tax liens, wage garnishment and levies on your bank accounts.  Having an Arizona IRS problem is like finding out you have cancer—the longer you wait to deal with your problem the worse it will get.  Tax debts don’t get better or go away because you ignore them.  Yet that is what many taxpayers do.  Procrastinating action in dealing with your IRS problem makes professional assistance almost a necessity.

That is the bad news.  Here is the good news.  There are many options available to deal with your IRS problem that can eliminate or reduce the taxes owed, or allow you time to pay the IRS liability over time.  I suggest you schedule an appointment with Scott Allen E.A. of Tax Debt Advisors, Inc.  He offers a free consultation and can be reached at 480-926-9300.


Written by Scott Allen

When do you need Scott Allen E.A. for Arizona IRS Help?

There are many ways the IRS can rob you of your peace of mind.  If your credit score has declined because the IRS has filed a tax lien—you need Scott Allen E. A.

If you having difficulty sleeping, developed health issues or marital problems over your Arizona IRS tax debt—you need Scott Allen E.A.

If your business is threatened by Arizona IRS levies on your bank accounts or about to seize your business assets—you need Scott Allen E.A.

If your personal bank account in Arizona has been levied, or your wages garnished by the IRS—you need Scott Allen E.A.

If you owe the IRS more than you can pay and are considering getting married—you need Scott Allen E.A. before you get married.

If you have not filed IRS tax returns for several years—you need Scott Allen E.A.

If you have a settlement with the IRS and cannot comply with it because you finances have worsen—you need Scott Allen E.A.

If you need the peace of mind that comes knowing you have just received the best IRS settlement allowed by law—you need Scott Allen E.A.

Scott Allen E.A. is ready to meet with you at no charge for your initial consultation.  Call Scott Allen E.A. today at 480-926-9300.  Scott will make today a great day for you!



Written by Scott Allen

Scott Allen E.A. has Expertise in Filing your Offer in Compromise in Mesa AZ

Our family tax business in has been filing Mesa AZ IRS Offers in Compromise since 1977—that is over 36 years expertise in what will be accepted and what will not.  One of the biggest mistakes taxpayers make is using a company that “sells” an Offer in Compromise and then finding out a year later that their Offer never had a chance.  Then on top of that other options may not be possible or at least delayed because you filed a denied Offer in Compromise.  While denied Offers are in process, your tax liability is building up interest, penalties and extending the statute of limitations, which is the time the IRS can collect the Mesa AZ tax debt owed.

Why not schedule a free consultation to get a straight answer about what your Offer amount is.  Many Offer amounts are far more than what taxpayers can afford to pay or more than the tax debt owed.  And if you do not qualify to file an Offer Scott Allen E.A. will review other settlement options which very often are better than what the Offer in Compromise program will do for you.

If you will provide accurate and timely information, Scott Allen E.A. has expertise in filing and getting your Mesa AZ IRS Offer in Compromise accepted by the IRS.  However, if while the IRS is considering your Offer, if your financial situation improves, your Offer amount will be adjusted upward.  Remember that in our 36 years filing Offers only about 2% of clients that we have met qualify and can pay the Offer amount the IRS will accept.  That is why considering all your options when you visit Scott Allen E.A. makes sense.  Call Scott today at 480-926-9300 and let him make today a great day for you.

To learn more about IRS Offer in Compromise in Mesa AZ please visit Scott Allen EA’s company website.

Written by Scott Allen

Scott Allen E.A. will keep all Tempe AZ IRS Tax Information Confidential

As part of his ethical requirements being an Enrolled Agent (E.A.), Scott Allen E.A. will keep all tax information completely confidential.  On rare occasions, clients who have committed a criminal act ask us if we can help them.  We immediately refer them to a criminal IRS attorney.  This has only happened 3 or 4 times in since 1977.  So the Attorney-Client Privilege is not an issue in virtually 100% of our clients.  We have resolved over 102,000 IRS tax debts and Attorney-Client Privilege was not an issue in a single case.

So your next step is to find the right person in Tempe AZ with the right expertise to help you resolve your IRS tax problem economically and get you the right option at the best settlement possible.  May I suggest the Scott Allen E.A. is that person?  Call Scott today at 480-926-9300.  He does not charge for the initial consultation and you will be glad you did.  Scott will make today a great day for you!


Written by Scott Allen

I want Tax Debt Reduction: HELP !

First, this is not a legal matter and a Scottsdale AZ IRS Tax Attorney is not required.

What you need is an IRS resolution professional who has experience in all the different IRS programs available to help get taxpayers past their tax debt and back to filing on time and paying on time.  Almost everyone will eventually have life experiences that will cause financial problems to come up that force them to be late in filing or paying taxes.  The biggest problem is filing late, not paying late.  The IRS penalties for filing late are 10 times the penalties for paying late.  So please don’t file because you can’t pay.

Once you have filed all delinquent tax returns you are considered in compliance and have qualified yourself for petitioning the IRS for tax debt reduction.  There are several options available to assist taxpayers get back on their feet.  That doesn’t mean the IRS is a benevolent organization.  They are graded and paid according to their ability to collect tax debt.  They are not paid to advise you on your best option.  That is why you need a free consultation near Scottsdale AZ with Scott Allen E.A. to learn what IRS tax debt reduction program is best for you.  Scott can be reached at 480-926-9300.  Call Scott today and he will make today a great day for you!  Feel free to compare him with any Scottsdale Arizona IRS Tax Attorney in the area.



Written by Scott Allen

Do I Need a Glendale IRS Tax Attorney to do a Hardship Offer in Compromise?

No, this is not a legal matter and you don’t need to hire the first Glendale IRS Tax Attorney you talk to.  However, it will take an IRS resolution specialist who has expertise in applying and getting approval from the IRS to accept your hardship case.  Hardship means that it would cause you to suffer a severe hardship even though you can pay the tax liability.  There must be unusual circumstances before one can expect the IRS to consider the taxpayer a hardship candidate.  For this reason, hardship offers are rare compared to offers based on the ability to pay the full amount of the tax debt.

Some of the valid hardship situations would include:

  • All of the taxpayer’s assets would be required to provide adequate medical care for an illness or physical disability.
  • Payment of the tax debt owed would leave the taxpayer without means to cover necessary living expenses including housing, food, medical care, clothing and utilities.
  • The taxpayer does not have the ability to liquidate or borrow against assets to pay the tax debt.

Sometimes seeking a currently non-collectible status (CNC0 can provide the same protection needed by the taxpayer.   A CNC status is much easier to get approved by the IRS and is not difficult, in many situations, to be maintained until the statute of limitations for the collection of the taxes owed to the IRS has passed.

May I suggest you contact Scott Allen E.A. who has expertise in these matters and can navigate you towards the best settlement option at the lowest cost to you?  Scott is available for a free consultation at 480-926-9300.  Put your mind at ease and contact Scott Allen E.A. today.


Written by Scott Allen

Do I file an IRS Offer in Compromise?

First, an Offer in Compromise (OIC) is not a legal matter with the IRS and you don’t need to be represented by an Arizona IRS Tax Attorney.

One must “qualify” in order to petition the IRS to accept a payment for less than they owe.  This applies to the tax owed and the penalties and interest that have been added.  The IRS must be convinced that a taxpayer owes more than they could pay back in a reasonable period.  Most IRS tax advisors use the term, “ever pay back,” but that is not true.  Some clients of Scott Allen E.A. have been approved for an OIC and years later could have paid back the full amount as their financial situation greatly improved.

Scott Allen E.A has expertise in the IRS OIC program.  The IRS will base an acceptable OIC when there is doubt as to collectability, doubt as to liability, or in cases deemed “Hardship.”  OIC can be filed for individuals, married couples, and individuals from a divorce that created the tax liability.

The IRS instituted the OIC program to collect as quickly as possible the highest amount available at the lowest cost to the U. S. government.  The second purpose is to allow taxpayers to resolve their indebtedness and begin paying taxes in the future when due.  It is critical that you use an expert in IRS resolutions as they apply to the OIC program.  Offers can take several months to get a determination and filing an offer that will ultimately not be accepted is a big mistake as interest and penalties will continue to add to the debt and there will be an extension of time added to the statute of limitations for the IRS to collect the debt.

Call Scott Allen E.A. for a free consultation to determine if an OIC is your best option.  Many times it is not the best option.  Scott can be reached at 480-926-9300.


Written by Scott Allen

New IRS Offer in Compromise rules and changes

Important changes to the IRS’s Offer in Compromise Program (Form 656).  IRS Tax Problem help from Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. here in Mesa, Arizona

Offer in Compromises have become increasingly tough to get the IRS to accept over the last 5-10 years.  Most taxpayers made too much money or had expenses too high that the IRS does not accept.  In previous years the IRS multiplied your monthly available income by either 48 or 60.  As of recent weeks the IRS has changed those numbers to 12 and 48.  This is a huge difference in Offer amounts the taxpayer would be required to pay to the IRS for their past tax debt.  Call and talk with me, Scott Allen, E.A. and schedule an appointment for a free consultation to discuss your IRS (or state) debt.   While the old Offer in Compromises rule didn’t work for you in the past, find out today if you will qualify under the new IRS Offer in Compromise rules.

Scott Allen, E.A.  Tax Debt Advisors, Inc  Phone 480-926-9300

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