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Tax Attorney in Tempe AZ to Help with my IRS Payroll Taxes?

No, your payroll taxes are not a legal matter and does not necessarily require a Tempe AZ IRS Tax Attorney.  If you are self-employed and have employees, you are required to make certain withholdings of a portion of wages and pay those to the government along with your portion as well.  These withholdings include federal income taxes, Social Security and Medicare taxes and in some states, there is city as well as state taxes that need to be withheld.

Social Security and Medicare taxes are withheld from every employee paycheck. You as the employer are required to match these amounts up to certain limits.  If you do not pay these taxes in on time there are severe penalties.  Failure to make these tax payments can cause the IRS to eventually close down your business.  If you have not paid in your payroll taxes or paid them in late, you definitely need at least a consultation with a seasoned IRS payroll tax professional.  Scott Allen E.A. is qualified to help you work out a payment plan with the IRS that will not burden your business operations.  He is available for a free consultation at 480-926-9300.  Please consider him as a second opinion over a Tempe Arizona IRS Tax Attorney.

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Written by Scott Allen

The IRS has taken my money: Call Tax Debt Advisors today

Do I Need a Tempe Arizona IRS Attorney to Release a Wage (payroll) or Bank Levy?

The release of a wage or bank levy is not a legal matter and does not require the need of an IRS Tax Attorney in Tempe AZ.  The release of a wage or bank levy will require filing financial information about income and expenses to determine if a payment plan or a non-collectible status is appropriate.  Experience needed to obtain a wage or bank levy is best filled by someone who has done this procedure with the IRS many times.  Scott Allen E.A. has done many wage and bank levies resulting in no payment (non-collectible status) and installment arrangements at the lowest amount allowed by law.

Save yourself a bundle of money and call Scott Allen E.A. for a free consultation at 480-926-9300.  He will be able to tell you what amount he can negotiate with the IRS before he calls to negotiate your IRS installment arrangement or IRS non-collectible status.

Often times, the IRS will grant a partial or a temporary levy release with quick action and response to a resolution on your account with them.  Call and talk with Scott today to see if you qualify.  You will quickly notice the difference in his services verses calling an IRS Tax Attorney Tempe AZ for help.

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Written by Scott Allen

Don’t Use a Peoria AZ IRS Tax Attorney When You Get a CP-2000 Letter

A CP-2000 letter is an IRS computer generated notice of income not reported on your tax return for that year.  If you agree with the income items, you can agree to the tax assessment on the notice and mail it in.  If some of the items on the CP-2000 notice are items such as stock sales, it is important that you get “credit” against the income by claiming the cost of the stock sale on the IRS notice.  This is an item that can be done by Scott Allen E.A. (Enrolled Agent).   Scott Allen E.A. knows how to respond appropriately and aggressively to CP-2000 notices.  Scott Allen E.A. is available for a free consultation regarding all IRS notices and can give you the best strategy to resolve the IRS dispute.  Call Scott Allen E.A. at 480-926-9300 and schedule your appointment today.  A CP-2000 notice is not an item that requires legal representation from a Peoria AZ IRS attorney.

As a local Arizona company we can represent clients before the IRS in Peoria Arizona and all surrounding cities.

Written by Scott Allen

IRS Tax Tempe AZ Attorney Not Necessary For Extension Of Time To Pay Taxes

Don’t confused IRS form 4868 which is an extension of time to file your return, with IRS form 1127 which is to request an extension of time to pay your taxes.  Here are some of the differences:

* IRS form 4868 gives you an additional six months to file your return.  You do not have to give any explanation.  It is automatic.  Here in Arizona it also extends the time to file your Arizona return.  IRS form 4868 must be filed by April 15.

*IRS form 1127 Allows you to delay paying your taxes until August with interest but no penalties.  But the guidelines for this delay have strict requirements.  This form must be filed by April 15th.

IRS form 1127 requires you to provided complete details of your assets and liabilities at the end of the previous month and an itemized list of money your have received and spent over the last three months.  The IRS wants to verify that your are unable to pay and the reasons why you are unable to pay.  You will have to provide documentation that you are unable to pay the money.  It must be legitimate “undue hardship,” not just an inconvenience.

It is important to know that the failure to pay penalty is 1/2% per month (form 1127), and the failure to file penalty is 5% per month initially (form 4868).  Taking this into consideration, it is 10 times more important that you file IRS form 4868 than IRS form 1127.  Even though it is possible to delay paying your tax liability, take into consideration the additional cost (1/2% per month) with the chances the effort needed to file IRS form 1127 and the chance that the IRS District Director might deny your request.

To appropriately evaluate your situation, consider a free consultation with Scott Allen E.A. at 480-926-9300.  It is doubtful that an Tempe AZ IRS Tax Attorney would even know what your are talking about if you inquire about filing IRS form 1127.


Written by Scott Allen

My IRS Debt Keeps Going Up. Do I Need an IRS Tax Attorney (Gilbert, AZ)?

Tax clients think that they will have to pay on their tax debt until their last breath.  IRS tax debts have a statute of limitations.  In other words there is a date when the tax debt will go away.  This is called the Collection Statute Expiration Date.  On this date your tax debt goes away.  Generally the IRS has 10 years from the date of assessment to collect the tax due.  You do not need to take any legal action thru a Gilbert AZ IRS Tax Attorney to get this information.  There are also many tax settlement options that can reduce or eliminate the tax debt before the statute runs out.

To evaluate your options, contact Scott Allen E.A. with Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. for a free consultation at 480-926-9300 to see where you stand.  You may find that you can move forward in your life much sooner than you previously thought.

The most important thing to remember in letting your IRS debt expire is to file and full pay your current and future taxes on time.  As a tax professional Scott can file any and all tax returns to keep the IRS off your back until your IRS debts expire.  An IRS Tax Attorney AZ Gilbert typically isn’t the best option for tax preparation as their line of work is on legal matters.



Written by Scott Allen

IRS Tax Debt and Confidentiality

Do IRS Tax Attorneys in Gilbert Arizona Provide a Higher Level of Confidentiality?

All IRS resolution experts are required to keep confidential any information disclosed to them whether they be a Gilbert AZ IRS Tax Attorney, Enrolled Agent (E.A.) or CPA?  The only time this becomes critical is in the matter of criminal cases.  An IRS Tax Attorney in Gilbert, AZ has “attorney client privilege.”  This means that if you have committed a criminal act, the IRS Tax Gilbert Attorney is allowed to keep information confidential.

The problem comes when less than 1 out of 10,000 clients that we have seen over the last 37 years has committed a criminal act and should retain the services of a Gilbert, AZ IRS Tax Attorney.  Yet when our clients have talked to a Gilbert Tax Attorney, the attorney always mentions that they have attorney client privilege as if that is needed in your case—which is almost never.  So why pay two or three times as much for something you don’t need.

If you scheduled a free consultation with Scott Allen E.A. at 480-926-9300 he can tell you if you have committed a criminal act and need the services of an IRS Tax Attorney in Gilbert, AZ.  If that is the case, he will be able to refer you to a Tax IRS Attorney Gilbert, AZ that specializes in the tax representation area you require.

Scott Allen, E.A. works with the company Tax Debt Advisors, Inc.



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Tax Evasion

Tax Evasion

Tax evasion is a crime that is punishable with asset seizure, fines and imprisonment.  The temptation to underreport income occurs with self-employed cash intensive businesses.  Tax fraud can also involve using a fake or false social security number, claiming to many dependents on your tax return and falsifying your accounting records.

Don’t assume that when you get a letter to be audited that the IRS suspects tax fraud.  Most audits generate some adjustments to the tax amount owed.  Auditors are trained to know the difference between tax evasion and honest mistakes.

If you are found guilty of tax evasion, you will not only have the tax, interest and penalties added but also the expenses of the cost to prosecute your case in court.  This situation is one in which the services of a tax attorney is highly recommended.  The attorney you select should have a majority of his or her practice with tax evasion case work.

If you suspect or know that you are guilty of tax evasion, it is best to tell the IRS right up front that you want to have legal representation.  The IRS will agree to you right to be represented by an attorney.  Who you pick to represent you is very important.  Someone who is respected by the IRS as well as the Judge will have a greater chance of reducing the chances of imprisonment.  We can recommend an attorney that you can trust and have confidence will represent you in the best possible manner.

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An IRS Agent has contacted me

What should you do if an IRS agent shows up at your business, place of employment or your home.  The best thing to do is to tell the IRS Agent that you wish to consult a representative before proceeding any further.  If you ask this, the IRS must stop the interview immediately.  If the IRS agent does not allow you to have representation they are violating Internal Revenue Cope Section 7521 (b) (2) which says.

“If the taxpayer clearly states to an officer or employee of the Internal Revenue Service at any time during any interview (other than an interview initiated by an administrative summons issued under subchapter A of chapter 78) that the taxpayer wishes to consult with an attorney, certified public accountant, enrolled agent, or any other person permitted to represent the taxpayer before the Internal Revenue Service, such officer or employee shall suspend such interview regardless of whether the taxpayer may have answered one or more questions.”

Requesting representation does not make you look guilty.  In most cases the IRS representative will feel that you know your rights and that you are serious about following through.  In a nice way, it notifies the agent that you are not frightened by their efforts to catch with your guard down.  The agent will give you a card and a deadline to get back to them with your representative, who will need to file an IRS form 2848.

Your representation needs to contact the IRS as soon as possible to find out specifically what the IRS is seeking—filing back tax returns, pay back taxes, etc.  I can represent you before the IRS without you being present and in most cases that is the best way to work with the IRS.  In certain cases the IRS can issue a summons that requires you to be present whether or not you have a representative.

One final suggestion.  Never get mad or argumentative or issue any threats.  This is a signal to the Agent that you are not going to be cooperative and will make things harder for your representative and perhaps increase the extent of the work needed to get a settlement with the IRS. Schedule a free consultation to visit with Scott Allen EA so he can discuss your matter and give you good reliable advice. If you see fit, he can be your IRS power of attorney and represent you from start to finish.

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