Written by Scott Allen

My IRS Debt Keeps Going Up. Do I Need an IRS Tax Attorney (Gilbert, AZ)?

Tax clients think that they will have to pay on their tax debt until their last breath.  IRS tax debts have a statute of limitations.  In other words there is a date when the tax debt will go away.  This is called the Collection Statute Expiration Date.  On this date your tax debt goes away.  Generally the IRS has 10 years from the date of assessment to collect the tax due.  You do not need to take any legal action thru a Gilbert AZ IRS Tax Attorney to get this information.  There are also many tax settlement options that can reduce or eliminate the tax debt before the statute runs out.

To evaluate your options, contact Scott Allen E.A. with Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. for a free consultation at 480-926-9300 to see where you stand.  You may find that you can move forward in your life much sooner than you previously thought.

The most important thing to remember in letting your IRS debt expire is to file and full pay your current and future taxes on time.  As a tax professional Scott can file any and all tax returns to keep the IRS off your back until your IRS debts expire.  An IRS Tax Attorney AZ Gilbert typically isn’t the best option for tax preparation as their line of work is on legal matters.



Written by Scott Allen

Do I Need an IRS Tax Attorney Mesa AZ if I get an IRS CP 2000 Letter?

No, this is not a legal matter.  This letter is responding to income items not on your return that third parties have reported as paid to you.  If you agree with the amounts not reported you can simply sign the letter and mail it in.  The IRS will send a bill for the amount of tax owed on the items not reported.  If the items not reported have a cost basis such as stock sales you need to disagree with the CP 2000 letter and send in documentation showing the cost of the stock that was sold—in other words what you paid for the stock.  This will reduce the tax liability or if you had a lost on the sale of stock, it would result in a refund instead of a balance due.

Scott Allen E.A. is available for a free consultation if you have questions about your CP 2000 letter or need assistance in responding back to the IRS.  Scott can be reached at 480-926-9300.  He has come across many of these notices and has been successful in response to them.  I don’t believe using a Mesa, AZ IRS Tax Attorney is necessary to get this type on mater resolved.

These IRS notice letters have deadlines associated with them so it is important to response timely to them.


Written by Scott Allen

IRS Tax Debt and Confidentiality

Do IRS Tax Attorneys in Gilbert Arizona Provide a Higher Level of Confidentiality?

All IRS resolution experts are required to keep confidential any information disclosed to them whether they be a Gilbert AZ IRS Tax Attorney, Enrolled Agent (E.A.) or CPA?  The only time this becomes critical is in the matter of criminal cases.  An IRS Tax Attorney in Gilbert, AZ has “attorney client privilege.”  This means that if you have committed a criminal act, the IRS Tax Gilbert Attorney is allowed to keep information confidential.

The problem comes when less than 1 out of 10,000 clients that we have seen over the last 37 years has committed a criminal act and should retain the services of a Gilbert, AZ IRS Tax Attorney.  Yet when our clients have talked to a Gilbert Tax Attorney, the attorney always mentions that they have attorney client privilege as if that is needed in your case—which is almost never.  So why pay two or three times as much for something you don’t need.

If you scheduled a free consultation with Scott Allen E.A. at 480-926-9300 he can tell you if you have committed a criminal act and need the services of an IRS Tax Attorney in Gilbert, AZ.  If that is the case, he will be able to refer you to a Tax IRS Attorney Gilbert, AZ that specializes in the tax representation area you require.

Scott Allen, E.A. works with the company Tax Debt Advisors, Inc.



Written by Scott Allen

Mistakes Tempe Arizona IRS Tax Attorneys often make

Why using a Tempe IRS Tax Attorney for an IRS audit is a mistake:

When taxpayers get an audit notice from the IRS, panic attacks begin.  The first mistake that taxpayers make is that they did something wrong or ever worse, they did something criminal and they contact a IRS tax attorney in Tempe Arizona.  We have seen literally hundreds of clients who initially retained a Tempe AZ IRS Tax attorney to represent them in an audit.  Tempe AZ Attorney IRS Tax  fees for these services averaged 1 to 3 times what we would have charged, if we felt an initial audit representation was even needed.

Most of the time we know before going into an IRS audit what the auditor will accept or reject.  If we know we will be successful in the audit we will take on the assignment and do it for significantly less than a Tempe Arizona IRS Tax Attorney.  If we know that the auditor will reject our proposal we will have auditor give us an assessment and file an appeal and make our “stand” there.  We do not charge to file an appeal and when we represent our clients in Appeals, we know that the Appeals Office has greater latitude to compromise on issues that the auditor does not.  The Appeals Office does not want to spend a lot of time on audits and is greatly understaffed for their work load.  Because of this, we have the opportunity to save our clients in two ways; less to the IRS and less for representation.  REMEMBER THE HIGHER UP YOU GO AT THE IRS, THE CLOSER YOU GET TO “SANTA CLAUS.”

Our fee audits generally runs from $950 to $1,500.  A Tempe, AZ Tax IRS Attorney will generally charge around $3,000 for an audit and another $3,000 for Appeals.  The bad news is that the taxpayer–YOU, often don’t know this when your retain an IRS Tax Tempe, AZ Attorney and cannot afford to pay another $3,000 to be represented in Appeals.  Now what do you do?  That is when we get calls from frantic taxpayers who have exhausted most of their available money for IRS representation and basically gotten nothing.

Also, it is important to know the whole picture before starting representation work before the IRS.  For instance, we recently had a client hire an Arizona Attorney for audit representation.  He was successful with the audit bringing his debt assessment down from $80,000 to $50,000. But in the process he was getting billed by the Tax Attorney over $8,000 in fees.  Afterwards the client came to see us to see what his IRS options were from this point forward.  In evaluating his financial situation it was determined that the IRS would put his IRS debt into a Non Collectible Status and pay ZERO dollars on his debt.  Whether or not the client owed the IRS $50,000 or $80,000 he still would have qualified for Non Collectible status.  What it really worth $8,000 to fight the IRS in an audit?  Had the client met with Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. instead of a Tempe AZ IRS Tax Attorney we could have saved the client $8,000 in audit representation fees.  For this clients particular case he was charged by our company only $1,650 to have us qualify him for Non Collectible Status with the IRS.  As of today he is still in Non Collectible Status with the IRS however his is still making monthly payments to pay off his debt with the IRS Tax Attorney in Tempe he hired.  Don’t make costly mistakes.

Make the right choice at the beginning of this process.  Before meeting with a Tempe Arizona IRS Tax Attorney contact Scott Allen E.A. at 480-926-9300 and have him evaluate your IRS tax audit at no cost and see what he would recommend.  Doing it the right way from the beginning will save you two ways:  with the IRS and with retaining a trusted IRS representative.  We have represented clients all over Tempe, AZ which include the zip codes such as 85281 and 85283.


Written by Scott Allen

Chandler, AZ IRS Tax Attorneys: What to watch out for..Must Read!

Avoid Getting Ripped off by Chandler AZ IRS Tax Attorneys on your IRS Problem

Most taxpayers have a fear of being a victim of IRS collection procedures. This does occur on occasion but the real fear is being ripped off by Chandler AZ IRS Tax Attorneys who have the advantage of using intimidating scare tactics.  Over the last 37 years we have seen this occur thousands of times.  One example might be representative of what occurs all too often.  We had a client who received a letter in the mail regarding a “Collection Due Process Hearing.”  Those four words scarred our client to call an IRS Tax attorney in Chandler Arizona who took advantage of our client by charging her $2,500 to handle the matter.  All that was involved was signing a one page form and mailing it in.  Then a few weeks later he called her to tell her of the date of the hearing and asked for more money.  She didn’t have any more money and contacted us.  When we checked into it there was no reason at all for the Chandler AZ Tax attorney to file for a collection due process hearing.  There was no reason to dispute the tax due and we promptly put our client into a non-collectible status for less than $550.  Clients often think because they have an IRS problem they have committed a crime.  This is not the case in almost 100% of the time.  So why burden yourself financially and emotionally with someone who will take advantage of your using scare tactics and making you feel that you are a criminal.  The reverse is often true–the Chandler Tax IRS attorney who is scamming you out of your hard earned money.

If she had continued working with this Chandler IRS tax attorney, and the story is the same with most IRS tax attorneys Chandler AZ, she would have ended up spending over $8,000 and possibly not have ended up not needing to pay the IRS a monthly amount.  Our company has resolved over 101,000 IRS debts.  We are a family business and now it is owned and operated by the second generation, our son, Scott Allen E.A.  Contact Scott and get a straight answer.  If he can help you, you can be assured that he will do the job right the first time at a fair fee. Scott can be reached at 480-926-9300 and can generally schedule you for an appointment within 48 hours and if you leave a message, he will promptly return the call within the hour.  We have represented tax clients all over Chandler, AZ including such zip codes as 85286 and 85224.  Remember, before calling a Chandler Arizona IRS Tax Attorney please allow Scott Allen, E.A. with Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. to meet with you for a free 1 hour consultation.

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